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My boyfriend has been neglecting me?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 7 months now... recently we both lost our jobs and I have noticed that we have distanced each other a bit.... Show More

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  • Maybe he is really bummed about his job and probably trying to figure out how he is going to last without his job. I don't know the exact financial struggle he could be in but this could be one of the reasons he is acting the way he is.

    I don't exactly believe your over thinking anything. I would hate to find out he would cancel your weddings plans. I can understand why you would be scared, I would feel the same way. Weddings are a big step in a relationship and its a really big deal. I would recommend figuring out what's bothering him, if anything.

    I do hope everything works out, and things changes back to the way they were before. Keep me updated.

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  • It could be he is depressed, especially when you lose a job, no income, status, etc identity. It could be more serious, give him time, he might get through it, you need to spend time with him or talk to him see what's going on in his head...

  • I told my girlfriend she does her own thing I do my own thing, we barely even talk and I haven't seen her much lately. It is unhealthy I guess for a relationship but I'm not afraid of getting cheated on if she decides to cheat with me behind my back. I can cheat on her back I'm not going to get paranoid. I do feel though I should talk to her or call her more but oh well.

    • ? why carry on a relationship that is unhealthy. sounds like your just waiting for her to break up with you. Why don't you call her? do you still care about her?

      sorry if I'm super inquisitive I just want to know from a guys perceptive why not call it quits?

    • Yeah, I'm very curious too. I'd like to know your perspective too, thank you!

  • he's about to dump you

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