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My best friend gives me mixed signals constantly, should I give up on him?

After telling my best friend I liked him he was off and on. He can easily change his mind. A few nights ago we were with family friends, being flirty... Show More

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  • If he was must best friend I would ask him straight if he was just messing around or if he had some sort of feelings for me. I'm dating my best friend right no wand we ask each other anything that is on our minds and we are honest. If he doesn't give you a straight answer tell him, "I've been honest now you should be honest" or something like that. Of course, if he can't answer right then and there give him some time bu demand a straight answer. If he is your best friend he should tell you even if it would hurt you a little and he should be comfortable with telling you things. The truth hurts sometimes but no matter what support him in his decisions. Stay friends even if it turns out to be bad.

    Before my best friend became my boyfriend I turned him down 5 times. Sometimes I can say I "led him on" because at that moment I felt something only to say "what the heck am I doing!? I don't want to lose him as a friend!". Your best friend might feel that if he returns your feelings he will lose you as a friend. I took a chance and said yes to my boyfriend knowing that I might one day loose him completely but that is a risk I was willing to take even if I don't want t to happen. Just talk it out seriously and I'm sure you will get some answers. I wish you the best and I hope it turns out good. Good Luck!

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