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Why does my boyfriend look at random girls' photos on Facebook?

I hacked in to my boyfriends Facebook and I found he messaged lots of random girls whilst being in a relationship with me. We had a big bust up and... Show More

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  • ... Really? Look, guys are going to look a their friend's pictures. And if the girls aren't his friends well then he'll look at their pictures anyway. If I were you I'd be less worried and more creeped out that he's looking at random girls photos. I know that I have a bunch of guy friends and I look through their photos all the time. I like seeing what they're up to, where they've been, or just seeing the friendly smile that I really miss.

    If I were you and you wanted to be upset about soemthign be that he probably looks at porn. At least that's more reasonable. I personally don't get what the upset is about but, other people do and they can help you with that.

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