So my boyfriend thinks I'm ugly - what can I do to become attractive?

I know this might make him sound bad,but he isn't.he's a really sweet guy and wants what's best for me.I workout 2 times a day,I go to the gym from 8 am to 10 am and do cardio on elliptical and treadmill,1 hour on each,then later on in the day I do a workout video.I take really good care of my skin and hair, I eat really healthy he gets on me for eating unhealthy stuff like burgers or fries or pizza so I steer clear of that.My hair is shoulder length and black,I wear a little make-up.

He always tells me how attractive my friends are and how I should be like them so I do attempt to.He's told me before he thinks I'm ugly,he's told me quit a lot of times actually so I know that's his opinion and I'm not mad at him for saying it. I just want to be pretty for once in my life and for him.Can you please give me any beauty advice?maybe something you do that gets you complimented?I've asked him but he's a guy so he doesn't know tips or exactly what would make me prettier.I weight 103 and I'm 5'4 so I don't think I'm fat or overweight.anything?


Most Helpful Girl

  • You didn't make him sound bad. He is that anyways.

    I know you love him very much, but how can you live with him?

    How can you let him bring you down, calling you ugly and say that your friends are beautiful instead? Do you really love him that much to let him say that?

    That doesn't sound like a good guy or boyfriend material. It only makes him sound like an ass, which he obviously is.

    And if he always gonna comment on what you eat or how you look - dump him.

    He's not worth it and someday you will find someone that will see you as you truly are and love you for it.

    Your pick: Someone like him who doesn't apprechiate your beauty and will always find your flaws or someone who sees who you really are and loves you for it?

    Do you really want to change who you are just for one person that isn't even yourself?

    If you want to change yourself it shouldn't be because of him, but because YOU want so.

    You're beautiful as you are and you deserve way better.