My best friend spread rumors about me...what do I do about it?

He said I was having an affair with an older man I know though my friend's work.he knew that wasn't true. I am not 'in' to affairs in general.and certainly not with someone I barely know. I think he was just mad at me or just wanted attention.sometimes I think he spreads rumors just to get attention.

But still he's an old friend! What would you do? He's one of the few friends I have who aren't relatives and I would hate to lose him.


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  • I would wait until you cool down; you sound pretty mad right now! Approach him calmly and talk where people can overhear because you WANT people to know the rumors are false, right? Maybe talk to him at the place where this older guy works so people will know you are upset about false rumors. BE calm and don't get mad. Probably somebody ELSE is spreading this rumor. He may just be repeating what he's heard! That's dumb but not such a terribel thing.

    Are you sure you haven't done anything to start these rumors? Have you been friendly to this older man where others could see? Kissed him or anything like that?

    Make sure it's not partly your fault before blaming a friend.

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      I don;'t like to lose friends over one problem like this