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Why do women like soap operas?

So I came home today from college to have lunch with my mom and she watched back to back to back soap operas. What gives? Is it because there is a... Show More

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  • Still laughing over your question! And since I am old enough to be your mother...NOT ALL WOMEN LIKE SOAP OPERAS. TYVM :) I hate them and have never watched one all the way through. On the other hand, I do prefer that drama like that stay in a fantasy form and out of my real life. Maybe that is the attraction? No idea. :D

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  • LOL ahahah can't tell you why some love them, I don't all the time but when you have nothing to do, they are good entertainment. depends on why you watch them. I watch them because theyre ridiculous and quite amusing. some girls watch them because they always have some sappy happy ending

    • Or they can just give me a happy ending instead?

    • its just easier to watch other people I guess lol

  • I hate soap operas.

  • Lol I don't watch soap operas. I think they are quite boring, the plot of them is always moronic, and they offer nothing.

  • I don't watch them anymore, used to, and the reasons were for the drama, excitement and unpredictability. Like reading a good romance novel.

    • It's funny the differences of men and women. Give me a chair with recliner, a 12 pack and some food I shouldn't eat and I can watch sports all day.

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