Why is my boyfriend distant?

My boyfriend and I have been together for a year and all of a sudden he is distant. He doesn't tell me he loves me anymore and he is not affectionate anymore. I give him a kiss, hug, or try to hold his hand while watching a movie and he just sits there. Does this mean he no longer wants to be with me ?


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  • It might mean that, but I doubt it; a year is a long time to hang around if it's not working.

    I'm guessing that it's something with him: work/family/friends/etc. Talk with him, though, and let him know how this is affecting you. I'm a little startled that you aren't able to do that after this long.

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  • What do you mean by "all of the sudden"?

    If he's distant _all the time_ that might mean he's worried about something, but it doesn't have to be a worry about your relationship.

    When they're worried, guys tend to withdraw into themselves. He could be stressed about work or thinking about bills to pay.

    Try being affectionate with him. See how he responds.

  • tell him what you're feeling

  • communicate with him


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  • ohhh. yeah I think either there is something wrong or there is a break up coming up. or maybe both. talk to him asap about it and if there isn't anything weird going on in his personal life then ask him if he still wants to be with you. it may be hard but dragging out a relationship is worse

  • unless there is something bothering him, its most likely that he's gotten to the point in the relationship where he feels comfortable and doesn't feel that its important to show effection and stuff because its like he already has you so he doesn't have to try as hard anymore. I don't know why some guys are like this. my boyfriend used to be affectionate and text me all the time, now, after 2 years. he never texts and just assumes I know that he cares about me stuff.

  • people can fall in and out of love. he could still care for you but not in a girlfriend kinda way. OR something could be bothering him. just talk to him about it.