Why do I never see chicks wearing thongs at the beach anymore?

or is it just me? cause damn I never see chicks showing off what they got. its like they're not proud to show off what they got or something... I... Show More

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  • Maybe they don't want creepy guys staring at their ass wondering what it'd be like to lick mayo off of it?

    • theres creepy guys, hot guys. average guys. don't assume its JUST creepy guys. I hate when girls do that

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    • Obviously if you wear them in public, you're asking for that kind of attention... but correct me if I'm wrong, but this guy is asking why girls aren't wearing them. That is why. Why does some guy think that girls should wear such things simply because he wants to look at them? It's just a retarded question in and of itself.

    • I would never lick mayo off a girls ass! Now...whipped cream...ok...