Why do I never see chicks wearing thongs at the beach anymore?

or is it just me? cause damn I never see chicks showing off what they got. its like they're not proud to show off what they got or something... I mean yea some don't got what it take, but the once that do, what's the problem? what's the fear/intimidation about?


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  • Maybe they don't want creepy guys staring at their ass wondering what it'd be like to lick mayo off of it?

    • I would never lick mayo off a girls ass! Now...whipped cream...ok...

    • Obviously if you wear them in public, you're asking for that kind of attention... but correct me if I'm wrong, but this guy is asking why girls aren't wearing them. That is why. Why does some guy think that girls should wear such things simply because he wants to look at them? It's just a retarded question in and of itself.

    • Hard to figure someone being upset about beng stared at when they wear thong bikinis. But I think you have to translate here. 'Creeepy" means any guy not willing to pay a lot of money for licking!

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  • is everyone who answerd this from America

  • shows to much

    • they do tho.

    • i mean the beach is big and there's always over 100 people around, there not gona lay eyes on u

    • thats yucky, I would be grossed out by that, dude, you should go to those stripper's thing, in stead of the beach.

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  • Okay, I am not going to show my sh*t around when there are children and families there. I have dignity.

    • It's embarrassing -.- plus I'm very self conscious so that's pretty much why I don't wear thongs/bikinis

    • lol... I'm just kidding, don't have a cow now

    • I'm not! I barely even wear bikinis at all. I feel uncomfortable showing that much skin with people around!

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  • Really? Where do you live because in South Beach you see them all the time! You even see their boobs lol

    • Hahahaha & no its in the best US city... Miami lol :) its 85 degrees year round so yeah we're always hot lmao but South Beach is basically where all the tourists go so they just let it all out & well locals too & we also have a naked beach...Halouver Beach

    • wow! I live in the smallest/most boring state in the whole nation... so is south beach in LA?

  • Not cute, cause there are little kids there. so its kinda wrong.

  • there's pretty much no where in the states where you can wear one without getting fined for it so that's the main reason though not the only reason I'm sure.

  • In my state, wearing thong bikinis is illegal. It's considered public indecency, and you can get fined and even arrested for it.

    • Im glad I live in Miami we're very open minded people down here lol, no offense to anyone :)

    • Figures it's illegtal in Nevada where prostitution can often be legal..and Mass...But given what a lot of women look like in them, maybe it should be a crime

    • link according to this, its only beach specific. its not actually illegal in certain states, just certain beaches

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  • 1) not all girls want that kind of attention so they choose a more modest bathing suit.2) even the girls that do want that attention, usually have such a low self esteem from media, magazines, rediculous messaging to be ultra skinny, that they don't think they look good...even if they are gorgeous. and girls that crave that kind of attention anyway usaully have some other issues going on in their head like low self esteem. 3) some beaches are more family oriented and it wouldn't be decent. but me personally, I don't like thongs as a bikini or underwear. I like ordinary style. it is sexier ot me and leaves a little bit to the imagination. if your gonna be a in thong and tiny fabric triangles covering your nipples, you might as well be naked. I would rather slowly peel off the regular kind than someone hand me a wrapped present and tell me what it is before I can unwrap it. lol.

  • Ah, Barcelona, where they genrally are nude at the beach... Only the Asian women here aren't too fat and they're too shy and proper to show off a lot.

    • Not at all, I'm saying I miss Barcelona! Not many fat people there, especially at the beach. They go in for common courtesy in Spain

    • thats what I'm saying... its hard to find fat people in all europe

    • Hey not true! I have family in Valencia which isn't that far from Barcelona & the people there aren't fat. I've never met a fat Spaniard lol

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