What makes you put a certain girl in the "friend zone"- guys?

I think the question is pretty self explanatory...

But basically my question is: Guys in YOUR mind...what seperates a girl from being seen as just "one of the guys" or a "buddy" and a girl being the type of person you would want to date?

Are there any things a girl does *specifically* that can automatically make you put her in the "friend zone" or "friend category" to you?

*Obviously I'm asking because I DON'T want to be put in the "friend zone" lol!

Ladies...feel free to chime in too! :)


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  • Mentioning other guys -- "that (name) is so attractive" -- this kills any interest I might have in her. Instant friendzone for me, period.

    Providing INTIMATE details about the relationship she used to have with her ex, even if you didn't ask. Huge turn off as well. Please, I don't want to hear that sh*t.

    If I see her flirting with some other guy. Not just chatting or laughing, but clearly flirting: making eyes at him, acting coy or mischievous, touching him playfully, anything like that. Another instant friendzone there.

    Tries to play games with me -- obvious attempts to make me jealous, or get me to fight for her attention; or playing hot n' cold; or any other stupid little game women like to play. For me it's a clear sign of immaturity, so the most she will ever be is a friend. Probably not even that, though.

    She has issues. Of course, everyone has their own share of problems, but some are deal breakers and no-no's for dating: a strong resentment / spite towards men; still in love with her ex, or has a thing for some other guy; is very, very sexist and tries to enforce that in her relationships, making the guy pay for everything and take her anywhere anytime, because he must "provide" for her; and other things I forget atm.

    Finally, if she lacks a fundamental quality that I consider... well, fundamental. Like being level-headed, trustworthy, sincere. And of course there must be some degree of attraction.

    Hope this helps. Good Luck.

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      Wow...GREAT answer!

      I'm glad you went in-depth and provided some real clear-cut examples as opposed to just "the girl is not attractive" or "I'm not attracted to her".

      This makes a lot of sense, thanks.

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      Haha thanks! I live by these little rules so it all comes to mind easily. :)

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      Well, I do say other guys are hott but that is because my guy friends say that other grls are hot. The same thing go for girls they do not want to be with a guy that is gonna say that outloud. This puts the guy in the friend zone.