My ex-boyfriend cheated on me and now he wants to be friends?

my ex-boyfriend cheated on me he texted me after a few days and said he wants to be friends and that he needs me next thing I know he starts yelling getting mad and calling me a slut. I was walking in the mall one day and he just glared at me I haven't talked to him in weeks and then he finally texted me today and wanted to be friends again. I told him no because he only freaks out each time and I'm over him and he has a girlfriend but he keeps begging me to be friends why?


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  • control.


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  • Don't give him a chance, if you do it, he will cheat you again.


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  • he wants his cake and eat it too or whatever that saying is. He doesn't want you to get over him because that would make him feel better...he wants to be friends to see what your doing and who ull b dating probably. my 2 cents. like he's not worth it but you can remain freinds but if I were you nvr go back...