What does it really mean when a guy calls you "baby"? Is he really into me?

So I met this guy on Facebook almost a month ago, and we hit off immediately. We have a lot in common and we flirt with each other alot. We text each other everyday about how our day is going, we flirt, and we talk on the phone almost everyday. We have pet names for each other, like "baby", "hun", "love". For me, I call him by these names because I really like him and could see myself getting more serious with him.

The thing is, he lives in New Jersey, and I'm in California. I am planning on a trip to see him in a month or two, because we are ready to meet each other and get to know one another on a deeper level. I know long distant relationships are hard, but I believe anything is possible if it's meant to be.

My question is, does he call me these "pet" names because he feels something for me? Or is it just a part of the "flirting" game?


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  • While this type of romance might be uncommon (perhaps) in today's world. There has been plenty of romances mainly by letters throughout the centuries. The amazing thing about doing this is that you get to know the person's soul w/o the physical clouding the reactions. it is the chance of pure meeting of spirit, and the fact that you have connect so intensely give a great sign for true romance and a partnership. Love is the one thing in the world that you should do everything to get--face your fears, deny the norm,and find what is best for yourself. You need to meet to know the outcome of this situation--you will either sink or fly, but you will know the ending and find satisfaction regardless.

    P.S.- for a more period/supernatural understanding of this kind of relationship see the movie, "The Love Letter" (1998) with Campbell Scott.

    • Wow! Love your answer! Thank you =)

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  • It certainly could be flirting. It could be reflecting as well; you use those words so he puts them in his messages.

    I'm sure he may have feelings for you, but you'll have to see him to find out in the end.

    • Yeah, we're both very excited about meeting each other. We really hit it off well, talk everyday, and he did tell me that he's very into me, and looking forward to meeting me =)

  • You won't know until you meet him. For me its flirting at first then force of habit. gd luck

  • Possibly. The probability for most people is likely very low. However, it's certainly not out of the realm of possibility.

    • I agree. It can either not work out because of the distance OR we fall madly in love and I end up moving to NJ! Lol.

  • It's probably just in response to you using those types of names yourself, if you were in fact the one who initiated their implementation.

    • He actually said it first. We just clicked right away, so to me it seemed like a comfortable thing for him.

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  • Girl, in this day & age it is very common to meet on line & have long distance relationships.
    That said, it is also very common to meet someone and find out they are not who they say they are. On line we can be whom ever we want, so be very careful. I know that you think that you know him, but you do not. Just remember that you are flying across the country to meet a stranger. So do not plan to stay with him. I know, I know. It's cheaper, you want to stay with him because you two are madly in love, etc. But you need a safety net. You do. Have one. And that safety net is a hotel that you book on your own, not him.
    Please do this, please.
    Go, have fun, learn about him, fall deeply in love & I truly hope it all works out. I am only saying be smart. This is what you would tell your friend or daughter, right? And let people know where you are, addresses & #s at all times, check in. Be wise.
    Good luck.

    • Thank you. I plan on getting a hotel. He is even offering to pay for my stay. I truly have no expectations. We both have talked a lot about this. I'm def planning ahead.

    • Good girl. Be safe.

    • Thank you...=)

  • It might be apart of the flirting game. You guys did just meet too; I think you should go and visit him, then see what goes from there. Its too early to tell.

    • Well to update my situation, the trip fell through...it just wasn't meant to be. I realized since it happened that I was reading too much into everything. I'm glad it happened the way it did, because it taught me a valuable lesson =)

  • It's possible. I would just be careful. Meeting somebody online is scary. You never truly know who you're dealing with. Just make sure he is who he is and don't get fooled.

    • I've followed my intuition every time we talk and he is def genuine. But you're right, you really never know until you meet and spend time together.

  • You're that old...really?

    Facebook reference, 'baby' reference...


    • First of all, what's age got to do with anything? If you're curious about something, don't you ask?

      Next time, save your rude comments...

    • Age has to do with maturity...

      Ad least it's the way it's supposed to be.

    • Then maybe you should take your own advice...

      This site is for people who are curious about something and need advice or second opinions, regardless of age...you obviously don't know that.

  • ur storie similiar to mine storie. I met this sweet guy on MySpace he lives in AZ I live WA . we been talking off and on for 3 years . finally we met I thought we will have a good relationship but he disappeared afterward . sadly ending... I move on ...

    anway sorry to brought up such boring subject.. just to let you know you never really know until you meet t him because people wil act totally different in person. good luck

    • Ugh I hate to hear that about your sitch! I'm putting my guard back up, as I let it down with him. He told me in a text this morning that he would really try to call me tonite. I noticed on his FB that he was commenting back and forth with another girl. That got to me because he obviously had his mind elsewhere. I'm beginning to wonder if he's nothing but a sweet talker. He wanted me to go out to NJ just as bad as I did so now I'm confused...

    • commenting back and forth is OK I think nothing bad . its depend on what kind of comment . he wrote the girl on FB. has he calls you yet. ? you should ask him to visit you . and see how things goes,