What does it really mean when a guy calls you "baby"? Is he really into me?

So I met this guy on Facebook almost a month ago, and we hit off immediately. We have a lot in common and we flirt with each other alot. We text each... Show More

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  • While this type of romance might be uncommon (perhaps) in today's world. There has been plenty of romances mainly by letters throughout the centuries. The amazing thing about doing this is that you get to know the person's soul w/o the physical clouding the reactions. it is the chance of pure meeting of spirit, and the fact that you have connect so intensely give a great sign for true romance and a partnership. Love is the one thing in the world that you should do everything to get--face your fears, deny the norm,and find what is best for yourself. You need to meet to know the outcome of this situation--you will either sink or fly, but you will know the ending and find satisfaction regardless.

    P.S.- for a more period/supernatural understanding of this kind of relationship see the movie, "The Love Letter" (1998) with Campbell Scott.

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    • Wow! Love your answer! Thank you =)