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Babe? OR Baby? rather to be called...

What do you rather to be called? Babe or baby, I like baby better.

how come no-ones using the poll? :O

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  • i prefer baby lol its sweeter. babe seems like a guy word

    • i agree with you 100% :)

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    • lol take a hot bath or something. the heat should help

    • okay, thanks:)

What Guys Said 15

  • It just see as though any woman who would call me "babe" should be wearing a mini-skirt and seven-inch heels, and be cracking gum. Guess I'll go with "baby"

    • If a girl comes up to me with a mini-skirt and 7" heels, she can call me whatever the hell she wants!

    • Haha! Hard to argue wid that! Guess I could even overlook the cracking gum too!

  • if its a girl calling me it then baby


    • what names then?

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    • @ Shadoww, I personally like being called my name or Mr, Sir :) It's sexy, witty, makes me feel important hahaha. Babe and babey are cliche, have no meaning like honey, darling etc... but that's me, other people like it ;) You do what you want ey :)

      @ Irykiryk... typing error ;) hahaha

    • LOL okay, I call my crush sir or mr LOL

  • Neither. I strongly dislike being called or calling people by those names. I prefer being called by my name or a nickname.

  • I've had girls who called me babe and baby (including one of my big bosses! We're friends, so it's cool); more call me baby than babe, so that's how I voted. Personally, it doesn't matter to me either way. It's a heck of a lot better than some of the names I've been called!

    • lol like what? what other names?

    • yeah

  • Baby. I don't know why but it seems more meaningful.

    • yea :)

    • Yay I'm not the only one :D :P

  • Tbh, now I don't really care about which one I'm called seeing as it' becoming too cliched. I prefer to be called something which is not used a lot, rather than a word that is used everyday.

  • I honestly am not a fan of either lol.

    • what would you like to be called then? in a relationship?

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    • @T,G,E,Leto... possibly the first thing I've seen you write that I completely agree with. I didn't see your answer and I've also labelled honey as a no-no (along with darling)

      You want a name with character, meaning. These typical pet names are a tad sheepish in my eyes, not bad but they mean nothing to me

      If I get a girl worth keeping with humour I'm gunna propose the name 'my bitch' or 'holes ;)' hahaha. She'd need a sense of humour to accept these... possible slapping of the face otherwise!

    • Everyone should always agree with me -_q :P

      But ya, seriously, I like names to have meaning and be unique to each other :) it's more intimate that way and ya.

  • For some reason I'd prefer not to be called either one of those cutesy names.

    • what names do you like to be called?

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    • I'd roll with it I guess it isn't like I'd get mad over anything so silly.

    • LOL okay :)

  • @Update - That's what she said.

    • LOL =D

  • I only had one girlfriend that used babe/baby and it was OK with her but in general I'm not a big fan of that term. Kind of makes me think about babies.

  • baby

  • babe

  • Neither, but if I had to..baby.

    • what would you want to be called, if you have a girl?

  • neither...ughh. I don't like calling girls that as well.

    makes me cringeee.

    • what names you like?

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    • 'Love' is nearly as common as babe, baby over here. You English or just heard it being said?

    • yeah I am, I like it when people say love. baby/babe just sounds a bit floozy. a bit Califoria-ay.

What Girls Said 15

  • I like babe.

  • I don't mind either of them. But I guess 'babe' if I had to choose, lol.

  • my husband doesn't call me either. I some times, once in a blue moon call him baby.

    • what names you call each other then?

    • my husband says "wifee" a lot, like in a baby tone. He always says it, like 100x a day.

      I just call him hunny. Some times I would call him by his first name and likewise him.

    • thats cute:)

  • Neither. I'd rather be called my name, or my nickname if they can't pronounce it.

    • People have problems if they can't 'emunciate' (never heard this word before until you said it, makes me feel common, a low-class Englishlad not knowing his own tongue as well as 'foriegners' ;) (i've just had my spelling corrected from a lad from Cyprus, says it all) hahaha) your nickname, your name's the tricky one... very nice though, if I ever get into drag or have a sex change... I'll be using that name of yours, or Orchella ;) haha

    • It's ?enunciate? you idiot. And I think you'd make a hideous girl, so do yourself a favour and don't get a sex change. And if you took my name, you'd regret it. My name is awesome and unique and hardly anyone has it. Just go with Orchella, suits you better. Hideous name for a hideous personality.

  • I don't mind either I wouldn't want to be called it a a substitute for my name, but depends on how the guy would use it in a general conversation.

  • None but if I had to choose baby.

  • I prefer babe

  • i like being called baby. for some reason it sounds cuter. but I actually used to call my guy 'babe'

  • I don't really mind, but I prefer my name. Probably because people so rarely actually say it and use my nickname instead.

    • Nickname being torment? Pins :) hahaha

  • Neither. both make me cringe :/

    • what names then?

    • i'd rather he maybe make up his own one, preferablly something funny lol

  • I don't mind either :D

  • Neither

  • i like babe a bit better

  • Hmm...interesting question lol

    • LOL thanks, been thinking bout it for 2 days now:)

    • Hey babe!

    • lol

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