Babe? OR Baby? rather to be called...

What do you rather to be called? Babe or baby, I like baby better.

  • Babe
    46% (13)32% (8)40% (21)Vote
  • Baby
    36% (10)32% (8)34% (18)Vote
  • Wanna dance?
    18% (5)36% (9)26% (14)Vote
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how come no-ones using the poll? :O


Most Helpful Girl

  • i prefer baby lol its sweeter. babe seems like a guy word

    • i agree with you 100% :)

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    • lol take a hot bath or something. the heat should help

    • okay, thanks:)

What Guys Said 15

  • It just see as though any woman who would call me "babe" should be wearing a mini-skirt and seven-inch heels, and be cracking gum. Guess I'll go with "baby"

    • If a girl comes up to me with a mini-skirt and 7" heels, she can call me whatever the hell she wants!

    • Haha! Hard to argue wid that! Guess I could even overlook the cracking gum too!

  • I've had girls who called me babe and baby (including one of my big bosses! We're friends, so it's cool); more call me baby than babe, so that's how I voted. Personally, it doesn't matter to me either way. It's a heck of a lot better than some of the names I've been called!

  • @Update - That's what she said.

  • I only had one girlfriend that used babe/baby and it was OK with her but in general I'm not a big fan of that term. Kind of makes me think about babies.

  • if its a girl calling me it then baby

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What Girls Said 15

  • I like babe.

  • I don't mind either of them. But I guess 'babe' if I had to choose, lol.

  • my husband doesn't call me either. I some times, once in a blue moon call him baby.

    • what names you call each other then?

    • my husband says "wifee" a lot, like in a baby tone. He always says it, like 100x a day.

      I just call him hunny. Some times I would call him by his first name and likewise him.

    • thats cute:)

  • I don't mind either I wouldn't want to be called it a a substitute for my name, but depends on how the guy would use it in a general conversation.

  • I don't mind either :D

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