Should I tell him I like him?

Just out of curiosity, what do guys think of a girl who tells a guy she likes him? Is it too forward? Would it be worth risking a friendship?

Most Helpful Girl

  • I have asked guys out before and their first reaction is always really confused. They don't expect a girl to ask them out but it's more "wow this is cool" than "ewww freak!" :) do it, then you'll have an answer from him. Just let him react how he will. You win some and you lose some but it's always worth the risk. Either you get a boyfriend or you can move on and find another guy to like. Hope this helps!

    • I guess it's all just a gamble huh? but is the gamble worth losing a friend?

    • If you two are really good friends you could probably go back to being friends afterward. My thing is to live without regrets, choose the thing you think will give you the fewest regrets. For me that is to ask the guy out most of the time