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Why do men create fake profiles?

I have received so many strange emails from online dating over the last 5 years I am beginning to think they are from an ex. The person in the emails... Show More

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  • Men have to send out about 100 emails in the hopes of getting just a few replies. If he gets more than one reply he has to chose which one to go with.

    • So he's not really interested in the first place. It is shotgun scatter dating. Shoot at everything to see what is "hit" to get a response. Wow, that is flattering.

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  • How about anonymous questions? Now that's a better question...

    • If this website didn't see it as valid option, they would not allow anyone to post a question anonymously.

    • Right...

  • I don't buy it personally. I could see maybe one or two fake profiles but beyond that the guy probably left because of what you replied with.

    • So it's all a big coincidence in addition to the leading questions --- I have men who send their private email address in the first email to communicate off site. I see a pattern of behavior repeated hundreds of times. There has to be some explanation. There are that many scammers online? and they all contact me? Really. I don't know a statistical model, but the numbers seem really high.

    • At first it was men named Fred. Then it is men named Mark. Men or someone IM me and don't have a viewable profile when I look back for their profile it is not there. Not hidden, just not there. Like I said. it has happened so many times the statistical probability is huge.

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