Why do men create fake profiles?

I have received so many strange emails from online dating over the last 5 years I am beginning to think they are from an ex. The person in the emails asks a question, I answer and they disappear or don't respond again. Why did I leave my hometown, why haven't I been married and had children, would I date someone who lives far away, etc. The emails always progress. Whatever happened to hello my name is ... In the past the ex was an immature player and played games with me. I cared more for him than he did for me. I broke up with him because I didn't like the way he was treating me, and it hurt his pride. Why all the fake profiles and emails?


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  • Men have to send out about 100 emails in the hopes of getting just a few replies. If he gets more than one reply he has to chose which one to go with.

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      So he's not really interested in the first place. It is shotgun scatter dating. Shoot at everything to see what is "hit" to get a response. Wow, that is flattering.