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Boyfriend is acting weird?

I've been dating this guy for about two months now. Things have seemed to get pretty serious. But lately he has been acting strange. We have gotten... Show More

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  • I think to give him his space and time to miss you is best for now. Sometimes when we freak out, as girls, we magnify things. I know I tend to do so. If he had a rough week and you 2 have been arguing recently maybe he just wants to cut back the communication in an effort to avoid the beginning of another argument. Seriously when I'm having a bad day I tend to avoid people who trigger negative emotions in me. I want to be around people that make me feel better and positive. Give him space. Don't make life changes forr other people. Do them for yourself. If the relationship fails you will resent him later for the changes you made to be with him. Do things for you. The person who depends the most on the relationship the most looses their power. The person that can live with out the relationship holds it. Be independent and care free.Show him that your lfie will still continue even if he doesn't talk to you as often. Don't be naggy or needy. If you pull away he will notice...Good luck.

    • Thats the thing. In the beginning I was the one who was hesitant about getting into a serious relationship because of my long term career goals but I could feel he was trying to talk me out of it and was saying that we seemed to have a great connection and was asking would I ignore fate if I met the right guy and let a potential great relationship go. I was the one who was casual about it in the beginning and over time we have gotten closer and I have developed more feelings for him, but now

    • I see him pulling back. The only reason I asked him about the female friend is because he kept talking about her because she had just moved and he kept making me feel like I couldn't compare to her even though he swore up and down its not like that between them and that I'm the one he wants to be with it, it still raised a red flag and made me feel hurt. He does usually want to talk things out with me, so his behavior recently has seemed unusually different.

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  • Not a good sign you guys argue and fight so much this early in the relationship. He could have just had a crappy week and that was the reason. Or, he might be doubting the relationship has longevity because of the fighting and its being reflected in his behavior. You're gonna have to talk to him about it.

    • talked to him about the constant arguing so early in the relationship and wondered if it was a sign. He said not to worry about it and that its going to happen eventually. When I talk to him about this stuff he reasons with me and seems to want to work it out.

  • Honestly, there are some major problems with your relationship if you are fighting two months into the relationship. The first 3-6 months are supposed to be the honeymoon period where neither person can do wrong by the other.

    Perhaps he was acting "weird" because he had a long, stressful week at work and just wanted a break from you? You don't come out and say it, but I get the impression you're kind of needy/clingy.

    • I'm not usually needy/clingy. If anything he was mad in the beginning because I was so casual about everything and wanted me to be more involved in the relationship. I have my own life, my own goals, and I hang out with my friends, so I don't see that as being clingy. Actually he seems to get pretty jealous or worried when I go out with my friends and when I went out with them one night he made a sh*tty comment if I was talking to guys when I was hanging out with them. That hurt my feelings.

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  • ive been in those situations and I started giving him his space.. not txting him untill he texted me.. not calling him.. be normal when he texts you.. dot act like it bothers you and he will come back, he will realize he really misses you and he'll start txting you. Just give him some time, don't tell him that your giving him his space, just act like your buisy too. Because guys get tired of their girls being on their case. Goodluck!

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