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Good prank to pull on my boyfriend?

My best friend is coming to visit me this weekend with her boyfriend and we want to pull a prank on our guys. We want it it to be pretty epic... Show More

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  • Contact Axe at www.TheFixers.com to prank your friends. Make sure you record it so you can post a video online. Set up a prank at the firing range. Nothing hurts worse than a blow to his ego. You take a safety course on how to handle weapons. Then go to an outdoor firing range. You guys take some time testing out your weapon and zero them in. Then you take a short break. You can ask your boyfriend what you are doing wrong and have a rubber gun to have him show you how to hold it, etc. Tell him you need his good luck.The bullets are replaced with blanks. Small fireworks with electric leads are placed on and around the target. When he fires a round, a pyrotechnic will pop a small charge near the target to simulate a miss. Then it is your turn to fire the weapon. You take your stance and every time you squeeze the trigger the pyrotechnic pops a charge on the target simulating a hit. So his good luck rubbed off on you. :) After a clip each you let him in on the ruse. No harm no foul.

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  • link But what he said, what are they scared of?

    • bahahahaha omg! that was super funny...poor guy lolIdk what they are scared of. I wanna stay away from scaring him though because like I said he's a cop and I think his first reaction would be to shoot me /: haha

    • Good to know. I was about to suggest having a fake burglar or psycho breaking in.

    • Does he have something that's very valuable to him? Not monetary, but emotional. Try to find something identical, destroy and pull a switcheroo.

  • what are they scared of?

    • I don't really know of anything that scares my boyfriend /: He's a cop so he's never shown fear at anything.

    • ok...so cop pranks go out of the window...:(

    • Awesome.

    • hahaha...I should have him help me prank my friends!

    • thanx

  • check out break.com -- pretty sure they have tons of hilarious girlfriend/boyfriend pranks!

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