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Do you look like your mom or your dad, or both?

Just wondering. I look nothing like my mom and EXACTLY like my dad. So much that once somebody thought his sister was my mother.

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  • i look like my papa.

  • Nose, freckles/moles, temper at times=dadSmile, body shape, morals=mom

  • a bit of both though for the most part , I think I look like my mum.

  • my mom.

  • I have both of their feautres mixed on me.

  • Definitely my mother, if you saw my dad you would be shocked or in disbelief.

  • everyone says I look like my mom, but I don't see it. I would admit if I did, but I seriously don't

  • Bothmy dad's lips and nose & my moms face shape and eyes

  • I look A LOT like my mom. Everyone says so. I've never met my birthfather, but I know he was Egyptian, so I know that's where I got my dark eyes, hair, and eyelashes, and my olive skin tone. I'm pretty sure everything else I got from my mom. I'm a couple inches taller than her though, so maybe that's from the fraternal side as well.

  • I've been told I look like my mum but I don't think I do :)

  • i look more like me dad with a little of me mom thrown in

  • I look more like my mom.I get my nose, eye color, hair color, and face shape from my momwhere I get my eyebrows, ears, and lips from my dad

    • Eyes <3

    • haha you're silly :)

  • I look more like my mom, but I've been told that I look a lot like my dad too.

  • I look like my mom and no where look like my dad.

  • i actually don't look anything like EITHER of my parents, or anyone in my fam!loli've been asked b4 if I was adopted!

  • I look a lot like my grandparents, actually. I once saw a picture of my paternal grandfather (who died 10 years before I was even born) and the upper part of my face looks exactly like his, and my smile is my maternal grandmother's. I have the abruptness from my paternal grandmother and the dry humor from paternal grandfather, temper from my maternal grandfather and sensitivity from my maternal grandmother. The only thing that I think I got from my parents was their awkward nerdiness, haha...I have a tendency to ramble on and on about things people don't even care about. (Like I am rightnow.) I've heard I look more like my mother though, I have her hair from when she was younger, and basically the same body shape too. Sorry, I kinda think this genetic stuff is interesting. :D

  • I look more like mom but a lot like my dad too

  • People tell me I'm a split image of my mom... except younger, lol.

  • Both equally

  • Growing up I looked more like my dad, pretty much exactly like him. And now I can't really compare but a lot of people say I look like my mom now.I think I look more like my dad though, face shape and everything. Especially my chin and eyes I guess too.

  • my mum I guess.

  • My mummy is the best, my daddy is a bad man.

  • Mixed so not that much like either

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