How do you usually become "official" boyfriend/girlfriend?

Tell me how it happened to you =]

Is there any other way than just asking to become bf/gf?

Are you straight forward and just ask to be bf/gf


you assume you are boyfriend/girlfriend if you see your crush wants to be bf/gf


the "I like you"/"I love you" for you means you are boyfriend/girlfriend already?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Hrmm... When we started dating, he introduced me to people just like, "this is so and so" ..or "my date so and so"... but after about a month and a half...he introduced me as "this is my girffriend so and so"... and then right after he did that...quietly asked me if it was alright that he said that...and I said of course... So I guess he made it pretty obvious, but then most guys I've been in a relationship with did the same thing...just started introducing me as his gf, or would refer to me as the girlfriend when talking to people.

    Ive never asked..or did the whole "where does our relationship stand" thing...when a guy wants you to himself and doesn't want to be a casual relationship, he will let you know...because up to that point if its not clear you are a couple, you could be dating other he'll want to make sure you know his intentions.