Why do people change?

Why do your friends change when they get into a relationship?!


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  • Most probably because they are staring to truly mature?

    Sure they can still be goofy and fun to be around with or you might feel like they suddenly feel withdrawn and cold...

    The thing about relationships changes people a lot emotionally- maybe physically- because the thing you need to know about relationship is that it indicates a progress to the next stage of life.

    There is a gap between adults who are single and those who are in blossoming relationships and those who have already found their true love and those whom have already married. And this forms a communication barrier between a lot of things.

    Like you just can't seem to fit in with anything they are talking about. I know cause I have been through when all of us gathered they would converse in their own world while you would be stuck in your own wondering what to say. It is like experience- a life experience.

    Eventually you would not have much common topics left...

    And communications is just one part of why you just can't seem to connect with your best friends who had already progressed on with thier life.

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      This is her first ever boyfriend, they slept together when they were only going out for 3 weeks. That's moving too quick. He's cheated on her loads of times. She knows this but she is ignoring it!

      I've been in very long relationship and they never really changed me in any way. I always made time for my friends during the weekdays and weekends. She doesn't. Its so annoying. I'm not close to her or anything but still that's not the point.

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      She was never my best friend. Just a close friend. And fed up trying now

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      I have a friend like that too- pretty much. But his was a break up case. He just can't seem to get over it. Perhaps as friends we can only change them when they themselves want to change?

      Otherwise we are only wasting our energy and time. I know they are firne ds but still if they persist on being like that then wer can't do anything much.