Is it okay to call your child names?

I know my mom already has issues, but she name calls a lot. She'll call me a slut , bitch, dirtbag, burn out etc. This happens almost daily. In my... Show More

Most Helpful Guy

  • No, not right, not fair. That said, I am guilty. My gfs oldest daughter and I had an argument one night (1 of 3 we had over 10years we later figured). I was so upset I called her a b*tch. She slapped me and I took it.

    Only time, other than playful nicknames. Parents should built your esteem and, should you have kids, give you good example of how to be a good parent. I felt like sh*t for what I did, your mom needs a gag, or the old wash her mouth out with soap...

    But if you have kids, you know one thing NOT to do. Sorry you had to learn it this way.