Is it okay to call your child names?

I know my mom already has issues, but she name calls a lot. She'll call me a slut , bitch, dirtbag, burn out etc. This happens almost daily. In my opinion She's verbally abusive and undermines my self esteem quite often. Is it ever okay to call your kid names?


Most Helpful Guy

  • No, not right, not fair. That said, I am guilty. My gfs oldest daughter and I had an argument one night (1 of 3 we had over 10years we later figured). I was so upset I called her a b*tch. She slapped me and I took it.

    Only time, other than playful nicknames. Parents should built your esteem and, should you have kids, give you good example of how to be a good parent. I felt like sh*t for what I did, your mom needs a gag, or the old wash her mouth out with soap...

    But if you have kids, you know one thing NOT to do. Sorry you had to learn it this way.