Is it okay to call your child names?

I know my mom already has issues, but she name calls a lot. She'll call me a slut , bitch, dirtbag, burn out etc. This happens almost daily. In my opinion She's verbally abusive and undermines my self esteem quite often. Is it ever okay to call your kid names?


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  • No, not right, not fair. That said, I am guilty. My gfs oldest daughter and I had an argument one night (1 of 3 we had over 10years we later figured). I was so upset I called her a b*tch. She slapped me and I took it.

    Only time, other than playful nicknames. Parents should built your esteem and, should you have kids, give you good example of how to be a good parent. I felt like sh*t for what I did, your mom needs a gag, or the old wash her mouth out with soap...

    But if you have kids, you know one thing NOT to do. Sorry you had to learn it this way.

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  • Not at all.

    There's a difference between teasing and just straight up verbal abuse.

    Sorry that you have to deal with this...

  • Never! what the hell kind of mom do you have? Your parents should never be anything other than supportive and complementary to you. Firmly administering fair and just punishment when necessary without disrespectful language or actions.It's their JOB to help you grow into a confident and self assured young person with an open mind and strong moral principles.

    • I have a spawn of satan as a mother , haha. She's just one of those people that shouldn't of had kids.

    • I hope you don't have younger siblings at home then. Sorry she's been such an ass to you. Seems you've probably had to be the adult in the relationship. That sux!

  • If your joking around and there is no malice involved sure, but I don't think intentionally insulting your kid is ever ok.

  • Simply calling a child names and verbal abuse are 2 very different things. She's abusive, and this is not OK. Parents are supposed to help their kids progress, not regress. Just always keep in mind that she's the problem, not you.

  • I think it depends on whether it's true or not. You can't act a certain way and assume that no one will call you out on it. If you are not a slut, bitch, etc, then it is wrong.

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  • It's bad and shows a lack of parenting skills.

    Parents are there to lift the child up not bring them down with verbal abuse and if she does she is not fit to be called 'mother.'

  • it's not okay,but it's common. just like hitting children isn't okay,but it still happens.

  • No that's wrong and it's verbal abuse

  • For a second I thought we had the same mom.

    No it's not OK. Your mom is verbally abusive. The fact that it is affecting your self esteem is proof of that.

    People say things in the heat of the moment but she is abusing you.

  • NO! It's never OK to call your child names. Ever. Your mother clearly has issues.