If a girl wants you to keep coming back is that the friend zone?

If for what ever reason she loves to flirt, touch a lot and hug likes she is crazy for you but she doesn't give you her number after she really wanted to is that the friend zone? But she wants to see you like she missed you.


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  • yeah either of those 2 answers is very possible - possible she is just friends and no romantic interest at all, but also, very possible she is playing hard to get.

    way to see is if you cool off, (not ignore - just cool off and not be so eager) - see how she reacts.

    also throw in a few casual comments about finding other women attractive and see how she reacts... if she's interested she won't be happy or encouraging, but if she's only friends then she'll be more objective.

    • Thanks everyone... :) Should I ask for a number again ever...? Or talk to other girls?


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  • No - she likes you,but she's playing hard to get. Be careful ;)

  • i think she likes you but she doesn't want to lose a friend. or like Ylenia said she could just be playing hard to get


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