How can I hang with the popular kids?

So this is my last year of high school and I've always wanted to chill with the popular guys.. I'm friends with a few of them but I never really hang with with them.. I don't understand why I'm not able to hang with them because I get just as many girls as they do and I have just as many friends but I don't know why but I've always wanted to hang with them.. so thanks if you can help and please be serious..


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  • I don't really understand why you would want too. I played 3 sports in High School, and usually hung out with them during school because most of them were my friends but outside of school we all do our own thing. The only time I would hang out with them outside of school was when there weren't the popular girls around. So, like backyard football, videos games, or what have you. I purposely tried to stay away from most of the popular girls because a lot of them are so damn judgmental and politically correct that anything you do can offend them, and then on top of that they have the biggest mouths. Even against each other. There were a few girls that were cool, but most of them are just straight up bitches. I was one of those people that didn't care what people had to say. I remember one of those popular girls saying something nasty to me in front of her friends trying to act cool, and then gloated about being so damn hot.

    So, I said to her... Yeah, you may be very attractive physically, but that's all you are. Guys only use you as a piece of meat because you may be a 9 physically but your personality is below a 0. And all your girlfriends here know this, they just refuse to admit this to your face.

    I got along with almost everyone but the majority of the popular people.. mostly girls.. some guys as well, I could not stand. And when I mean everyone I mean everyone. I would hang out with the nerds/geeks somedays, others I will chill with the goths and emos, and other days the popular kids... and let me tell you something, being popular isn't what it's cracked up to be. If all you want is attention and for these popular kids to like you... then you won't be able to fit in. You can't just force your way into a group. Just be who you are, I know that sounds cliche and it is but I'm serious. Oh, and one last thing... out of all the people I was friends with... the ones I have lost contact with the most were the popular kids, the ones that I couldn't care less about anymore... are the popular kids... If it wasn't for me being an athlete, I don't think I would've ever become friends with the popular kids. Sure, some were cool and most weren't. Also, the ones that I thought were cool tend to be a lot like myself. We would sometimes hang out but almost never hang out with the other group of popular kids.

    I guess some people would say I was popular since everyone knew who I was, but I definitely wasn't a "cool guy". I never got invited to parties with these popular kids, and that was the way I liked it. They were cool to chill with from time to time in school, but outside of school... not so much. If the people you connect with happen to be the popular kids then so be it... if they happen to be the WoW nerds, the band geeks, the goths etc etc, then they are the people you should probably hang out with. You will feel much more comfortable being yourself and not forcing yourself to fit in.

    • thats true I just feel like I would fit in more with them than anything.. I hang out with the popular sophmores and I'm a senior now.. I don't hang out with much seniors since they are all popular that's pretty much why I want to hang with them.. I've partied with a few and still talk to a couple but that's it.. thanks for your answer!

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  • My sister is popular and I asked her one day what someone could do to be popular and this is what she said (I'm putting it in my own words):

    Dress cool. Know what's in style and have some swag. Look your best and wear what looks good on you, but stay current and keep up with the trends

    Have a nice body. most popular kids have nice bodies. There are a few who don't but they aren't the majority.

    Play a sport. Be athletic, most popular people are athletic in some way and play at least one sport

    Be friendly and outgoing to others. Be generally positive

    Don't be a lame. People can tell when you're sucking up to them and if you really really wanna hang with the popular kids, don't hound them. Don't try to fit in, you either do or you don't. Don't suck up to them or stalk them. If someone likes you and wants to hang out with you, you can't force it. That will just make them look down on you and not respect you.

    Don't be an a**hole but don't be weak either. speak your mind. If someone is rude to you, put them in your place, even if that person is really popular. People will respect you when they know you won't let people run all over you

    Don't hang out with losers. You don't have to only hang out with popular people, people in the middle range are fine, but don't hang out with people who are really bad outcasts and severely disliked. It's like an infection and they don't want it to be spread. if you're seen with certain people its like social suicide and people won't want to associate with you either. I guess they could 'catch' the loserness or something LOL

    • Thanks so much for your answer! I dress my own way and I get a ton of compliments and I see some people taking the way I dress.. but I don't understand why I'm not popular then because I do all of that I guess I'm a little weak and lame at times but most of the time with my friends I'm in control.. what else could their be?

  • This is retarded... Why would anyone want to hang out with people who are NOT their friends...

    Because if they WERE your FRIENDS you wouldn't have to find an excuse or search for a strategic idea to be able to kick it with them...

    INSTEAD Hang out with people who ARE your friends and aim to turn YOUR crowd into the popular crowd instead of trying to fit in where they see you as less.

    • Yup! They obviously don't consider him a "friend" or even "cool" enough for him to just be there with them, if he needs an excuse to be part of the crowd. Sad.

  • well your gonna have to do something to bring attention to yourself. but nothing illegal lol

    • pshhh we always did illegal stuff. That's what made us cool. =P

  • Don't. Seriously. Don't.

    Most people dream of being the popular group. But I have left school and you know what?

    The popular group, about 80% of the girls are pregnant, or had at least 2-3 children already. The guys are all working in dead end jobs, or so drugged off their face they've no idea what's going on. They barely speak to each other.

    So.. really don't bother. I know it looks fantastic, but the reality is most of the jokes don't make sense, most of the girls have candy floss between their ears, and even if you got into that group, you'd feel lonely, bored, and ignored.

    What is wrong with the friends you have? Why don't you hang out? Girls are more likely to go for the men who know what they want and not leaching off others.

    If you are seriously desperate to become one of them, go and talk to them. Stand. Laugh. Act like a retard. Dress like them. Listen to their music. Basically become their groupie. I doubt it will work because they will have already judged you, but you seem insistent on trying.


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  • If you really want to hang out with them, ask your best friend in the group to tell you, if they are going somewhere. He will invite you there and the others won't resist , because he is their friend.

  • Be cool.

  • Get everyone to wear nooses and go into the forest? =S

  • idk why you'd want to hang out with the 'cool guys', seems sad to me that you do actually.

    but how do you know you can't? have you tried?

    • its just the last year and I've always wanted to I don't know why I just think it would be fun.. but I don't know how I would try.. I used to be best friends with all of them until 7th grade when I moved schools from them.. how would I just go up to them.?

    • truth is man, if you did go up and kikit with them out of nowhere, all you'd have to say is that you're there cause you feel like it. unless they're the a**hole type of cool guys, they won't tell you to leave. eventually, you'll be one of them.

      just have the balls to go up and do it.

  • you are so shallow and immature. good luck in real world

  • laugh at their stale jokes

  • Not sure if this will be the same but in my school in the last semester people started talking to people they normally wouldn't because they realized it does not matter who is who