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Does he want to hook up again?

I've been good friends with him - we'll call him Kyle - for about a year now. In June, he and I hooked up. We did not have sex, but we very nearly... Show More

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  • My question is what's preventing you from going all the way? You keep saying you "almost had sex". Well, what's stopping you, if you in fact, don't want a relationship with this guy. This is something you need to ask yourself, and answer yourself and him, not me...just something to think about

    • I haven't had sex with him because I'm a virgin. So, I take that step pretty seriously, haha. I'm perfectly fine doing other stuff, but if he and I were to actually have sex we would need to be in a relationship. I definitely want to sleep with him, but I made a promise to myself a long time ago that I would be in a committed, loving relationship before losing my virginity to them. And it's not a promise I'm willing to break any time soon.

    • Again, I didn't need to know that. I told you in my answer. I was merely trying to get you to think about that sort of question

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