Beginning of a LDR? Am I crazy?

Alright so here's the deal, forgive me for the long story.

I'm a 17 year old homeschooled antisocial girl with few friends. (wow that first line is depressing -_-) OK anyway, I live in the states and about a year and 10 months ago while playing a online game, I met this guy. Over the course of this time we've gotten to know each other really well, He's 17 as well By the way. after about a year of constant emails and IMing, it became quite apparent that I have strong feelings for the lad and we just recently both came clean about our feelings for each other of more than just friends. As of recent we've been doing Skype video calls that last waay into the night almost every time.

Now on to the real question.. So this guy, he lives in Canada... I trust with all my heart that he is who he says he is, which is a huge statement seeing as I have a huuuge distrust in men.

We really want to meet and have seriously talked about plans for when he's out on spring break in March 2013. The plan so far is he's going to get a part time job and buy me a ticket to come spend about a week with him and his family (his mom, sister and stepfather) Seeing as my family is on a rather, lets say tight income.. I've already talked to my Ma and she, though reasonably concerned at first, said that if it's what I really want to do, she won't stop me. My Ma knows how long I've known him and how much I really like him, she also knows that if he was a creeper or "off" in any way what so ever that I would have dropped him like a hot potato! she has trust in my judgement. He has yet to talk to his folks about the plan, he wants to wait til he gets a job but he said he was sure they'd say yes. So my question is, Am I crazy? this guy is my best friend and my first love. I really and truly believe in him. I'm a bit.. insane, but I (him as well) don't drink or do any drugs what so ever, I know that might be hard to believe but it's true. I have also made it very, very clear that just because he buys me a ticket, that in no way shape or form makes me obligated to let him in my pants.

So, What are your thoughts? is going to see him a bad idea? am I crazy for wanting this to work?

if you need to know anything else, let me know.

Serious answers only please!

I am well aware of the standard rules of public place and tell a friend and such.

It's not this is gonna be a spur of the moment thing, my Ma plans on speaking to his folks and such.

Also I'm not really interested in the whole flirting around thing, boys in my area are just that, boys.