Can the girl you've got a crush on ever turn into a friend and nothing more?

If you fall for a girl, if you really like her and want to be with her, but she only sees you as a friend... then is it possible for the guy to hang out with her like she's just a regular friend and nothing more? Does the attraction fade or not?


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  • Guys do this all the time but they're miserable.

    The only way they can become actual friends is if they start actually having sex with someone hotter than the friend.

    • I laughed out loud at the last comment!

    • I put it in a slightly flippant way but its the truth. If he's not, there's no reason for him NOT to still be wishing they could get together.

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  • The attraction can fade but if not then it can be hard to be just friends. Especially if you start seeing someone, cause it's hard to see the girl you like with another guy. But it could go either way but normally more on the no can't be just friends side.

  • attraction might fade ( out hard to pull off). Hang with him more but don't flirt, and always have other people around (dont avoid him, but don't flirt) friendly. What you're trying to do is tough

    • I don't flirt with him, never have, but I do want to hang out because I feel affection for him. Avoiding seems horrible (for both parties) and unnecessary. I've been though this (on the other side) and I know how awful it is.

    • then, yeah, you can pull it off

  • Well my friend liked a girl that way and he always asked her out that was years ago and she always turned him down but they are still friends to this day and she happens to be dating his friend now but they are all friends so yeah the guy that has a crush on you will eventually move on but it will take time.

  • Wait you guys make it sound like it's impossible. It's actually quite easy - she doesn't like you back, you are sad for a little while but then you meet a girl who you think is a better date. Then when you think about the original girl you sudden wonder what all the fuss is about. When you're there emotionally you can become friends quite easily.


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  • From personal experience it can work, but the attraction never really fades. I broke up with my ex (we had been together for four year) a year ago, and we've become the best of friends... but he does admit from time to time that he does still have feelings for me even though I totally don't see him that way anymore.