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I have been in NC for 6 weeks and friends suggest to not apologize

Guys need your help! My girlfriends told me don't apologize because Iam a girl and he won't believe me :( but I want to, do you think I shouldn't ? I... Show More

Well my mum was sick and we went to visited her and then continue our travel around the world but when I saw her unwell I stay with her 10 months and we didn't travel and we spend the money :( so I distroy his dream and one day he wake up and left me without notice he send me and email saying I don't want to know anything about you, you are nobody without me and he say I was very selfish I feel guilty :( but its was not my intention that all I miss him very much that make me stupid that's what

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  • Do what you think is best, don't listen to other people

    • Thank you very much

    • You're welcome :)

What Guys Said 4

  • It's true NC voted for Romney, but I don't think you have to apoologize just for being there, not for only 6 weeks.

    Now, if you had been there for three MONTHS, then you'd have to apologize!

  • You shouldn't have to apologize..just go about talking to him like nothing happened.

    • But that doesn't make a man upset? To pretend nothing happens!

      Well I just want to do the right thing but I guess in the end I miss him

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What Girls Said 3

  • apologize then,but don't expect him to come back if he has already made up his mind to move on

    • Thanks, you are right :(

  • if you were wrong ,yes you should apologize,use your own judgement,sometimes our friends want to be helpful but you should make your own choices

  • Well if you gave us more background info then maybe we would be able to answer this question:P

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