Ex girlfriend dating again

well, we were together for 2 years and it was the most important relationship I have ever had because we started as friends first.(we also did and do work together) we both had issues, tried to work through them and ultimately it ended up that it "just didn't work". since the breakup I haven't... Show More

ps: now she's even telling one of my closest friends (older than both of us, kind of a father figure" "i met someone" even though she told ME she was just 'dating'...3 dates in one week = seeing someone? WTF!?
thank you Shiei3, I just wish others would give feedback also!

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  • Don't beat yourself up too much. Often times when we have a significant relationship that has gone sour we tend to remember the good times and not the bad times. We remember how it once was and we find that we want that back.

    Your only mistake was doing the whole FWB thing. This can really mess with one's head if feelings are involved. I would cut all sexual contact with your ex and if you must contact with her for a while. Any normal person would feel hurt and question themselves if their ex dropped them for another person so quickly. You are not defective.

    So what can you do now? Don't get revenge (it's not worth it at all). However you can decide to do some emotional reparations for yourself.

    1) Stop talking to her for a while: This will allow you to have time to focus on you and heal. It's too hard to heal if you keep talking to her.

    2) Work Out: It is so great to work out because it will get you in shape and clear your mind up. Exercise releases endorphins (the bodies natural prozac) which will boost your spirits up.

    3) Pick up a new hobby: Cooking is great because not only will you have fun but you might find a hidden talent. It's an amazing feeling to eat your own orange glazed chicken and know that you did it all on your own.

    4) Go out with your friends: Not necessarily to bars but dinners, movies, bowling, sports...etc. That's fun.

    5) Stay busy and allow yourself to feel the hurt every now and again (it's normal) just don't wallow in it.

    All of these things will help you to boost your self love and self trust. It takes time so don't expect it to get better overnight. I am sorry you feel so down but know that you can pull yourself out. :) Life is beautiful.

    • Don't let her get to you. You could put this question as a featured question by writing the editors. You'll get more responses and you won't have to ask it again.