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Girls, if your man had a girl who was a friend and was very attractive how would you feel?

And let's say they were friends before you and your boyfriend got together?Would you feel jealous?

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  • My boyfriend's best friend since childhood is a girl named Bri. She is a very attractive girl. She and I have met and talked on many occasions. In high school, our boyfriends both swam so we'd go to meets together to watch. I find her to be a very genuine person.They both have admitted to me that before I came in the picture, there was a time where they thought about dating, but never did because they decided that it would have been too weird. This doesn't bother me at all. I mean, who can honestly say they've never entertained the idea of dating one of their friends of the other gender for at least two seconds.

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  • I can't always be the hottest girl.I wouldn't feel any sort of way at all unless I am insecure.

  • Yes, I would feel jealous and very insecure.

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    • He could break up with you over anything. but that comes with any relationship

    • I know. But this friendship could be a good reason.

  • No,because if he has crush on her he would be dating her long time ago since they know each other...

  • I'd give that girl her props. I wouldn't feel jealous because I understand that he has friends and I wouldn't want to overstep any boundaries. It would show insecurity in a person if they were jealous of something trivial like a cute girl friend. Especially if she was before us then there is definitely no reason for that foolishness.

  • I would let him go because ik that he's comparing us in his mind. Ik that females are dirty enough 2 ruin a relationship if they get jealous. He can have her.

  • Definitely not! Take it as a compliment that a) attractive girls want to be his friend = he's an attractive guy, b) he chose you and not her. You're the winner here in my book. The only time you have a reason to be jealous if they are doing rendezvous together without you or he's flirting back in front of you.. then you're allowed to be jealous and speak your mind!

  • if she is a friend before me, no jealousy at all but if she is a new friend and she is VERY attractive face and bod hmm I would be slightly worried and slighty jealous.. just slight cause looks is not everything but if I think she is really ahead of me in every aspect I will consider her a threat and that's probably the time I'd get terribly jealous.

  • Yes. I would feel very jealous.But I wouldn't say anything about it to him. I would still be nice to her.

  • He has a lot of attractive female friends and it doesn't bother me

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