Girls would you let your boyfriend do this towards your friend?

ok so my friend's boyfriend is somewhat jealous of me, she talks to me about almost anything and before I go on yes I do like her, but she doesn't or well hasn't liked me for over 2 years. he has given me sh*t more so within about 4ish months, he was already want to fight me because of his friends spreading rumors about her and i. she does flirt with me a bit, but I think is just natural, things have been getting more and more intense with him and her, just the other day she stood up for me to another girl that was starting sh*t again, he said that he would side with the other girl then her, because it would have meant that it would be against you, then said to her, (she showed me the message) he said that he was ashamed to be around her, the next day they ignored each other until the end of the day, he said to her, that wasn't what he meant, he meant he was ashamed of myself, which was complete bullsh*t that he did make on top of his hat, she let it slide, she told me the next day about and I told her off about it, I told her that that was complete bullsh*t that made no sense, she said that she knew and didn't care, I said to her your letting him get away with murder with allowing him to pass with that, if someone would of said that to me, she would have been dumped, and that's what you should of done. the next class, I didn't have her in, but I had my other friends and him, they asked me what was wrong between them and I told them everything that transpired from the passed 2 days, he overheard us and then one of them said when I finished that he'd rip the guy's head off. anyway today her and I were talking, I asked her what would happen if and when a fight will happen, she said to me "you know whose side I would pick right?" and I stated " OK so if he starts it and he already has by saying sh*t behind my back about me and I'm in the right and Haven't done anything wrong, nothing would happen, even though I would be and have been doing this and staying for you, why am I even trying" then she started to get upset, then said why shouldn't i, and I went off and said to her "because again your letting him get away with murder, and you would be losing a friend". girls would you be with this guy if he treated you and wanted to fight one of your friends because of you and what am I supposed to do?