My friends and family use to make fun of me but now they say my girlfriend isn't good for me?

My friends and my family have made fun of me since the start of my relationship with me and my soon to be fiance. Claiming I'm whipped and she controls me and blah blah blah. Its far from that my girlfriend knows everything about me and knows how to handle me unlike my friends and family. Its not... Show More

Everything they're saying is really pissing me off, I'm debating on not even going over to my families house. Should I even go?

Should I just ignore all of it and play like things are fine?

My girlfriend is upset cause she knows something is up with me but I won't tell her this crap. It'll only cause more trouble

Most Helpful Guy

  • Who cares if people say you're whipped? It sounds like your family just doesn't like her. If you like her, and she makes you happy, then stay with her. If you feel she understands you better than anyone else, that's the most important thing. At the end of the day finding someone who you love, and loves you back doesn't come around very often.