Why do most of the girls say "Never trust anyone" ?

At some point in time, most of the girls would have said this. "Never trust anyone"

I am guy and I have come across many girls - my mom, sister, girl friend, close friend, colleagues. Have heard this from everyone.

What makes them tell those words ?

Thanks for answering this girls.


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  • I think people raised them up to think this way, usuallt it's because those parents have been hurt and don't want their daughter to be hurt too.. and then the daughters pass it on.

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  • Well actually I hear more guys say don't trust anyone than women. But I would say because women are very easily taken advantage of when they are vulnerable and naive so typically at a young age. Generally there is some kind of even in our adolescents that just makes us not trust anyone. Like a boyfriend cheating on us or hurting us, our parents betraying us in some way. Basically any emotional, verbal or physical abuse. Of course men experience this too but I think it happens to them when they are older and know better and are more capable of handling the situation.

  • they only tell you this from experience, someone betrayed their trust. They don't literally mean never trust anyone. Just don't trust everyone.

  • Many people learn -- often the hard way -- that anyone is capable of hurting you. Girls especially are very susceptible to that.

  • when you open your self to trusting another person you also open yourself to being hurt, so especially us girls must always be careful

  • Because everyone has their own special interest in mind which is why you can't trust anyone. But that's not always true yet hard to believe once everyone you run into is a dill hole.

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  • It's because girls don't have the bro code to live by.

  • Why do most guys say "don't trust anyone"?

  • Because they are over emotional bitches