I have made no friends.

I am 35 full time single dad of two they want to their mother house for the weekend I have been living in Janesville since 2007. I have made no friends I feel like every time I talk to someone I am being judge by ever one wither it's my weight, lack of good looks, lack intelligent, no money, any way I just can't deal with this anymore by myself all my life I have been told I have to stand on my own two feet I don't have the skills to do it I was the fat, dumb, slow guy that know cared about. Please is there any normal people out there that still care I would like to meet some people that care just to talk to hang out with if not maybe I should go away permanently


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  • The people you call normal are using technology to improve their so called "features" which seem to be holding back their lifestyles. Yes, there are people that you are talking about still in existence. It's not like everyone who is "real" (in my words, similar to what you are talking about) have up and vanished.

    My advice is to focus on areas of your life that need improved. I recently learned from a friend that seeking help isn't as bad as it's made out to be. You can get food / financial assistance, maybe join a gym to improve your looks, or even continue your education to further your intelligence level.

    Does that mean that currently you "cannot" make friends for life? No. The thing that you've already understood long before others on this site, especially myself, is that drama can push the people who care about you away. It's hard living in this world because of all the negativity. But it's also your mind playing tricks on you. This "Deep dark world" we live in, isn't really all that bad. It's that we as people have made it out to be some type of chore - where all we are meant to do is be worker bees for some hive. But if you change your perspective, you have the ability to reverse and improve the destruction that has happened inside your lifestyle. Maybe reach out to new friends, increase finances, send your kids to school. Whatever your goal is, it IS possible.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

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      If this is the guy I'm thinking of, he's doomed to be overweight since he cannot stand up for long periods of time or exercise excessively.