Was this a stupid move?

so I like this guy a lot and we just recently got to know each other. we're in the same group of friends too. so he spoke to me online just a few days ago for the first time. the conversation went great! the next day I spoke to him online and again the conversation went really well :). but then I... Show More

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  • Make a better impression than the other girl. Meaning - forget the past and the future, focus on the now. Meaning, get out of your head and actually enjoy the time you do get with him. ->> Further meaning, tease him play around with him, etc.. realize what you are ready to do with him and what you aren't. If there are serious questions you need to ask him before you do certain things with him, keep those moments at the back of your head and understand how you should handle those moments.. But right now, you and he are just aquantances that could have good clean fun. Who knows? maybe he has a friend that you would click with really well and you / he could start going on double dates, becoming life-long friends.

    ~ ArtistBBoy