Why don't friends answer my questions?

I've made a lot of "friends" here on GAG, talking to them all the time in chat or messages, and so on. I've noticed though, when I post questions, even FEATURE my questions, those closest to me NEVER answer them. I'm not mad or anything, but I just find it interesting and a bit strange. Also,... Show More

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  • Well I have been here for only a short time, so I only have few friends at the moment and I have only asked one question to date and out of my friends only one has answered it, but that was because most of my friends I hadn't "met" yet in here and the one who answered it, became friends with me during a conversation on the comments of said question. As for do I answer my friends questions, I have yet to have the chance, as I usually answer whatever questions are in the Recent area, so if a friends question pops up in there, of course I'll answer it just like every question I decide to answer, but I don't actively seek out my friends questions.