Women, would you expect a guy to be friends with you if you rejected him?

Ladies say you had a male friend, and he wanted to be more than friends with you. You reject him, and then he told you in a nice way, "I can't be friends with you anymore" and never spoke to you again. Would you expect him to still be friends with you after you rejected him?

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  • Majority of the time, no. I back off a bit, as obviously I'd expect they probably don't want to have to see me all the time after that, but still maintain genuine friendliness and usual behavior . I've been through this a lot with guy friends, as I've always had more guy friends than girls.

    But unfortunately even if they continue to be my friend afterward, its short-lived. Soon enough in most of my experiences, they usually switch cold, and sometimes eventually no acknowledgements either, despite my continued efforts.

    I don't expect the guy to be able to pretend nothing happened in these situations and keep hanging out all the time, but when/if it gets to the point where they just blatantly ignore you as if you've never even known each other, that freaking hurts. I know it hurts to be rejected romantically as well, but people can't help who they are romantically attracted to. But to purposely/ knowingly become completely cold on someone who was not a girlfriend, BUT still a friend, is way harsh.


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  • I would be upset, but then again, so will he. If I reject someone, I don't expect them to stay friends with me. If they can, great! But I'd really understand it if it would be too difficult. I can't be friends (like proper friends, talk a lot, hang out, ...) with someone I have a crush on. Acquintances yea, just saying hi when you see them, what's up, then going on.

  • Women, would you expect a guy to be friends with you if you rejected him?

    No as most likely the guy doesn't want to be my friend he wants to f*ck me.

    Would you expect him to still be friends with you after you rejected him?

    Definitely not in the case of him being a prior friend as most likely he never wanted to be my friend or want companionship from me rather he wanted to f*ck me and was pretending to be my friend in hopes of busting a nut.

  • yes, I would expect him to be friends with me still. if he valued our friendship we would still be friend. Definately not as close but keep in touch now and then.

  • I don't expect them to be, but I have had one of them remain my friend... well technically two but one of them insists that I hate him even though I keep telling him I don't.

  • Yes and no. Yes because just because I don't like him doesn't mean I never willl.

    and no, because maybe there's a reason behind it, and you knew why.

  • If he said that I would be glad I rejected him.

  • I have been through this. I was sad because I missed his friendship but respect his wishes.


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