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She thinks I still like her. How can I make things not awkward?

I'm a college freshman. I met this girl a few months ago and we started making out within a few days of meeting each other. But I eventually got... Show More

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  • Just be normal...it'll be awkward if you make it awkward

    • This. And if the QA still doesn't understand.. You control the outcome, if you go in suspecting there is hurt feelings and you are focusing on that, then it will be awkward. But if you go in expecting to have fun as friends and that everything is okay - it should be alright. There are people who hold grudges, but if she holds grudges, well.. you really can't do anything.

    • Exactly.

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  • maybe you still do.

  • What's to do? You run into her say hi. I don't understand...what's to do? Be yourself, life goes on, forget about it. Be acquaintances. *shrug*

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