What do you normally chat with your friends on GAG about?

Just wondering because I see that some users have so many pages of friends.Haha.


*most users have so many pages of friends.*


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  • I used to add friends left and right and just talk to everyone about anything. Was fun, don't bother anymore. I've got like 2-3 people I talk to regularly, and we just talk about everything, literally lol. The rest just sit in my friends list, I haven't bothered cleaning it up.

    I've become pretty busy outside of gag, I can answer questions during breaks, but I don't chat; it takes away too much from my concentration.


What Guys Said 5

  • Most of them it's bare minimal communications.

    There are a handful that I chat with often, and it's a whole range of topics. Life, work, politics, new events, relationships, sexuality.

    • Haha, wo zhi dao shi ni, wo peng you! :P

  • i don't chat either

    Only chatted once and that's cus someone wanted to tell me they didn't like my answer

  • why did you switch to anonymous?

    • Hehe. :)

      And you haven't answer my question.

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    • Ok,not anonymous anymore.

    • thanks...

      and as far as my answer goes, I talk to them about none of your business

  • I am game to discuss just about anything...preferably not religion or politics...(:(:(:


What Girls Said 2

  • College, friends on real life, the country where I live or their country,dating and sometimes society's problems.

  • I don't chat on here.