She friend zoned me but acting like a girlfriend?

I would say she friend zoned me because she sometimes call me 'friend" and she tells me about the guys she likes like "Omg, blahblah asked me out \:D/" especially her ex. And I'm fine with it, what pisses me off is she send me mixed signals. It's like she thinks she can play with my mind. like... Show More

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  • I think she likes you but is afraid to say it because she isn't sure if you like her too. That friend on the call with you (in the three way) might know that she has a crush on you and started teasing you both because she wanted your feedback or something.

    If you like this girl then I think you should just continue to play along with her little games...New Years Eve is coming up, ask her to come with you to a party so that you can kiss her at midnight. If she kisses back - she likes you...if she doesn't and slaps you instead..apologize and tell her not to think anything of it and blame it on the alcohol.

    Also, just because she talks to you about other guys does not mean she isn't interested in you. She might just want to seem more desirable in your eyes. It's so obvious that she is attached to you make sure if you go in to kiss her NYE you use your best technique...slow, soft and sweet. Kiss her breathless.

    I don't think she's clingy, she just enjoys your company and has turned you into her best friend. Which girl doesn't want to fall in love with their best friend?