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Harassed by crossing guard...should i tell my brother??

Well yesterday I started to do my ISU for my co-op and I needed paper so I went into my older brothers room to get paper and when I was about to... Show More

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  • It's great that your brother is protective and wants to look out for you, but he won't be doing you any favors if he gets himself arrested for decking the crossing guard, as great as it may feel at the time! I have to admit that if someone harassed my daughter, it'd be extremely difficult not to start by breaking his nose though...Do you think you could get a friend to video the guard hassling you? I'm no lawyer, but the guy should definitely be nailed for this and I worry that just going to whoever hired him (school district?) would pat you on the head and do nothing more than tell him to stop. Don't risk more harassment unless you think you can do this without too much difficulty or stress on your part. With or without video, talk to your parents--they're the ones who ought to be helping you out. If you can't go to them, is there a teacher who knows you well and would stand up to this jerk? If these aren't options, maybe a gang of your friends together could confront him? The idea isn't to beat him up--never ends well--but to let him know that you WILL NOT put up with that crap. Then, go to the administration; hopefully they'll come down on him like a ton of bricks. Again, I think it's great that your brother wants to look out for you, but I'd bring him in as a last resort and then do your best to emphasize that he can scare the crap out of the guard, but beating him up will backfire.Good luck and let us know how it goes...

    • Thank you! And I will! :)

    • Great reply. The only thing that I can add is to be careful and that if this guard is doing it to you, it would then be reasonable to believe that they have done this to others before you. Get your parent(s) or other responsible adult involved.

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  • ISU? I fail to see the issue here, why is the.. crossing guard trying to console you? Someone died?

  • You need to tell the crossing guard that you don't appreciate the contact. I wasn't there, so I really couldn't say what happened, but based on what you told me, nothing really happened...

  • All crossing guards should be shot lol

  • Tell him

  • I would definitely tell the crossing guard, as well as your brother, about the discomfort.If it continues...then you and your bro can figure something out.

  • Talk to some authorities aka his boss. Give them a description of who it is.

  • I'm an older brother and I'm really protective about my sister , I would talk to the guard in a nice way and if he doesn't choose the nice way ill deal with him the bad way .

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  • I would tell him, at the end if the day by you not getting this guy f***ed up, is just making him think he can get away with harassing you, and if your brothers one of them violent type, I suggest you, well if he's like that, he'll sort it out

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