What things about a girl's personality put you off?

I use to have a lot of guys friend when I was in elementary school, but since middle school that changed. Some guys even told me "ugly" to my face then and didn't want to be friends, but I still had a few. Fast forward to last semester in college and I can count on one hand how many guy friends I have but I have a lot of girlfriends. I use to be shy even with making girlfriends but now I'm not b.c. I pushed myself not to be so shy. However, with guys that I just want to be friends with even though I'm not shy with them just myself after a few months they start acting weird and stop talking to me.

I'm average looking and 20 lbs overweight but that's not a reason. What about my personality is making them not want to be my friend. Since you guys don't know me I ask what about a girl's personality give specific examples if possible, persuade you to stop talking to the girl/ignore her texts.


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  • Are you a complainer? That story you said you told your guy friend in one of the comments sounds like you were complaining. I'm pretty sure guys and girls alike hate when people complain, but girls tolerate it more because we use each other to complain to, essentially. Guys get annoyed by that and if you complain too much they'll start to back off. Guys like girls who are happy and who they can have fun with. That's just my two cents.

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  • !. Venaltiy

    2. Snobbery

    3. Venality

    4. Snobbery

    5. Slobberng over guy's cars.

  • I personally don't like when a girl is a bitch or rude or self centered. Also if she's dumb that's a turn off because I can't really talk to a girl who can't contribute anything back

  • NAGGING- oh my god, the guys below didn't mention this, but this is one of the traits why men DIVORCE their wives.

    Some women just need to learn how to stfu.

  • If she is always pissed off about something... even stupid sh*t that makes no sense. Save that drama for her mama... Nothing like an easy going woman, I mean she can get pissed off about things that matter. like if I cheated or abused her some how... If I come home drunk and blow all my money on dirty woman... yeah get pissed off, kick me to the curb! But if I work all day long and I come home and want to veg... relax, and watch some TV, don't nag at me because I want to watch TV... WTF! That sh*t drives me crazy!

  • Stuff that makes her too self focused. The most interesting people are the ones who 'forget' themselves. They are also the coolest.

    Can take a life time to learn though. :)

    Chill. Your people will find you. If those around haven't, then they are not your people.

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  • Could it be that they think you're into them? Or they could be intimidated by you and your confidence with them? Because I know some guys who really don't understand boy-girl friendship...

    • can't be I usually call them "bro" so that pretty much states that I'm not lol