Best friends to strangers?

I have been talking to this guy for a few months now, and we have been friends for several years. Around Thanksgiving time, we got really close. We would text from the moment we woke up until one of us went to sleep. We used any excuse to hang out with each other, and stayed the night together several times. He told me he wasn't very good with relationships but that he had feelings for me, which I was fine with and didn't try pressuring him into one. But then in the past week or so, things have slowly started changing. We werent texting as often and when we did he was usually very short with me, I Haven't seen him in 2 and a half weeks, and now we Haven't talked at all in the past day & a half. We have some of the same friends and we were even in the same house last night together, and he never even came out of the room to speak to me. I Haven't changed at all, any ideas on what may have happened or what I should do now? I don't want to contact him and bug him, but I don't want to leave him alone & lose him. Help!


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  • Relationships are neither made nor lost quickly, so don't worry about that.

    Sounds like he's going through some things. Give it time, you could always ask what's up though.


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  • Just ask him if something is wrong. You say he didn't come out of the room to talk, but you could've gone up to him and talk?

    You could call him/email/text/ go to his place and ask him if something is up because you feel you drifted apart. Just talk to him about it.