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I can't help but think of my guy friend. Is that a problem?

Just over a year ago, I had a thing with a guy friend of mine. We weren't exactly dating, we didn't make it official that we were, we just liked each... Show More

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  • It all depends in what way you think about the friend. From your description your relationship isn't amazing, and you would not think of it twice if you had a shot at getting closer to the other guy. Instead of thinking of it as a problem, see it as a moment to make a choice: to try your luck with the friend (and possibly end up alone), stay in your "happy" relationship.to consider:-you will most likely lose the current relationship if you focus on the other guy, even if nothing happens and your mind is constantly going back to him.-would it be a fling? or a long term? are there any other things to take into account ? is he single, does he live far? -Are you happy in your current relationship? will you feel better being alone or are you better with the current boyfriend ? (We learn to appreciate the value of the things once we lost them).-the song will probably not be on the radio anymore after a little while ^^. PS: I have a song that reminds me of each of my serious ex girlfriends, makes me all nostalgic but never affected my position within the current relationship, so it wasn't a problem. Maybe you can relate to that.

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  • Depends if it's "those were some good times in my past" or "...and I want them in my future again." If it's just thinking back and enjoying the memories, that's perfectly normal.

  • I think of people I don't speak to anymore...it's one thing to think of them, it's another to act on it

  • whoa, everything was good until I read that you have a boyfriend. if you think of you guy friend as just a friend, its okay.but if you think of him more than that, then there is a problem.

  • Is your relationship with your current boyfriend good? If not, then you might as well break up with him to be with your guy friend.

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