My ex girlfriend slept with my best friend--how can I get over her?

so the girl I wanted to marry slept around on me with my friends, its been years and I still love her can't get over her. She has long since moved on and is engaged with two babies. I've never had the same feelings or bee as close to any of my recent gfs , starting to believe I wil never get over her. what should I do ?


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  • What a bitch or a bitch move. Which ever one makes you feel better. Since, you do have feelings for her still. XD Seriously, who does that?

    She's moved on...what's keeping you from doing the same? mmmm...It seems as though you're still in love with the part of her that you wanted to marry. I think you need to sit down and figure out why you are still in love with her because by her actions it does not seem as though she felt the same. There has to be something about her that you're still holding onto.

    Let go.

    You're just chasing your tail by going out with new women and you're also wasting their time especially if you've been in a serious relationship since then. It's not fair to either of you. You are not giving yourself a chance to be happy with someone else who deserves the time and love you have to give. You need time to heal. AND! Stop thinking about how you may never feel the same bout anyone else again. First of all - you're setting yourself up for a pain in the ass trip. You probably will start believing that and hinder your chances at a new love and you may even start comparing her to future gfs. As in, she's not like her in this way or she will do the same. Not something you'd want to deal with or go through.

    How are you going to move on if your heart/mind and still focused on a past love? Maybe she meant something to you but why hold those feelings for someone who could do that to you? She obviously isn't the woman you thought you fell for.

    Throw away anything that reminds you of her - Photos, belongings, number, FB/Email. Do what it takes and deal with your emotions. You can sing sad songs, cry, even write a letter (don't send) lol but write a letter to get all your feelings out and let go.

    Hope it helps.