I need help choosing out of these three guys.

One is named Satchel, he's really sweet, and compliments mer a lot. I'm pretty sure he likes me. The only problem is that he is friends with another crush, named Jackson, who everybody at school knows that I like. Jackson is funny, athletic, and headstrong, but he can be REALLY stupid sometimes. The third is a boy named Brandorn. He is shy, sweet, and SUPER smart. he is a good friend and is fun to hang out with.

Satchel expresses liking me, but has not literally said so.

Jackson likes another girl and not sure if he likes me.

Brandon gave me a note with XOXOXO at the bottom.


I've decided not to choose Jackson. I have no right to pursue him, when he likes a different girl.
If you are going to respond to this question, please do not say anything about my motives. you do not know me, and have no right to accuse me of anything.
I've decided to make a deadline for this dumb choice.

If I don't choose one in two weeks, I don't choose any at all.


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  • Anyone with a cool name that is named for any type of luggage should be the clear winner. You seem quite the catch and Satchel will be very please to seriously date you until you find a guy named Samsonite. Best answer bitches cha ching 10 points to me

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      I don't think you will be getting ten points.

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      uhm... check my profile, dude. I'm engaged now.

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      Well you still love me regardless :)