I need help choosing out of these three guys.

One is named Satchel, he's really sweet, and compliments mer a lot. I'm pretty sure he likes me. The only problem is that he is friends with another crush, named Jackson, who everybody at school knows that I like. Jackson is funny, athletic, and headstrong, but he can be REALLY stupid sometimes. The third is a boy named Brandorn. He is shy, sweet, and SUPER smart. he is a good friend and is fun to hang out with.

Satchel expresses liking me, but has not literally said so.

Jackson likes another girl and not sure if he likes me.

Brandon gave me a note with XOXOXO at the bottom.


I've decided not to choose Jackson. I have no right to pursue him, when he likes a different girl.
If you are going to respond to this question, please do not say anything about my motives. you do not know me, and have no right to accuse me of anything.
I've decided to make a deadline for this dumb choice.

If I don't choose one in two weeks, I don't choose any at all.


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  • Anyone with a cool name that is named for any type of luggage should be the clear winner. You seem quite the catch and Satchel will be very please to seriously date you until you find a guy named Samsonite. Best answer bitches cha ching 10 points to me

    • I don't think you will be getting ten points.

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    • uhm... check my profile, dude. I'm engaged now.

    • Well you still love me regardless :)

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  • Between Satchel and Brandon you just decide which one you are more into and pursue that.

  • No one can choose fro you, and why do you have to choose? Can't you be friends with all of them for a while?

    But clearly id' go with the guy called Brandon. All guys named Satchel are pervs, and anone named Jackson is probably a player, so tha leaves Brandon. And he doesn't seem confused like the other two you describe.

  • Hang out with Brandon

    Get a date with Satchel - either he works out or he's a key to get with Jackson

  • Definitely go with Brandon. The qualities of "good friend", "sweet", "fun to be with" will get you through hard times together. His quality of shyness tells me he'll not be inclined to stray. His SUPER smart mind is no vice. He sounds like a motivated achiever who will appreciate you more and more.

  • Brandon, you got open hints from him thought satchel sed too. Brandon seems to have captured your heart the most because you explained a lot more about him than about satchel. so according to me Brandon wins thumbs up.

  • you can hangout/talk to more than one guy and get to know them better before deciding which, if any, you try to pursue more

  • I vote 'Brandon' because he & I have the same name.

    • So according to your descriptions, Satchel and Brandon are both sweet. However, Brandon is also shy and super smart - which is the tie-breaker.

  • go with whoever your HEART not your brain is yelling for. there must be one.

    • there isn't... What is wrong with me?

  • Sorry, I'm still laughing that the guy is named Satchel. :D

    • Yeah... His nickname is " man- bag" hee hee.

  • I'll say Brandon but I sad this according to my own logical conclusion which subjected to specific assumptions...u know three of them so its you who have to choose...heres a simple trick that may help you and its 80% correct at times...

    1.sit down calm and composed

    2.remove all thoughts from your mind

    3.now ask yourself who do you love

    4.close your eyes

    5.the image that appears will be the answer

    this method will give you a selfless answer not influenced by worldly gains or profits...true love holds strong

  • If you're having to choose between 3 guys, you aren't ready to choose any of them...you're a flirt, and aren't ready for commitment. You're getting off on these guys attention, without letting yourself get attached to JUST one of them. Move on and work on yourself before trying to get with one of them, because if you choose one of them now, you'll wind up hurting the other two...and you don't want that!

    • It's true, choosing one will hurt them all, but not choosing hurts them a LOT more.

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    • Nope, I can say what I want, free country, free site

    • Well then, with an attitude like that, I wish you good luck in life, and a good day. this conversation is officially over.

  • Satchel seems to be a good choice. Super smart people like Brandon tend to get annoying when they correct you for unnecessary reasons.

  • Brandon

  • satchel lmfao?!?!?!? no way!

    choose him! choose him!

    • uh... Satchel Murphy, actually.

  • There really is no ME when posting anonymous - WHEW - I'm gonna avoid all these crazy anon questions from now on ...

  • life is so easy for girls . choose out of 3 guys . I wish I can get one girl to like me . but I know girls only care about looks so you will go for the good looking guy

    • you have the wrong idea. A bias idea. Not all girls go for looks. I love them for who they are.

  • whatever you do don't choose satchel. that's such a gay name.

    • Actually, I think I shall disregard that comment on Satchel, my friend. you don't know anything about him, and have no right to insult a name that he didn't even choose for himself.

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  • None. If you don't have enough emotional attachment to choose one in particular over the others don't pick any.

    This reminded me of something my cousin said in fourth grade, she looked at me and said, "Sarah... I have such social life problems. See, there are these two boys, Jack and Zach, and Zach's a bad boy and I like bad boys, but Jack is really sweet and so protective..." And you're going to scoff and write this off, you've got ten years on her and you're so above that, this is nothing at all the same. But it is. It's exactly the same.

    You're lining the three of them up and pacing in front of them trying to figure out who will serve you the best. This is not the start of a long term relationship. This is the start of an in between relationship of convenience. There's no one you really, really have feelings for so you'll pick one of these guys until something better comes along. That may not be your thinking but that's the way it A) comes across to people listening and B) will feel like to him when you break up with him.

    If you can't look at one and feel that extra something more (not love at first sight, that's bullsh*t) but that something special, that something that tells you this is right and this is good and you'll make each other happy, if neither of these guys inspire that to a significant degree then choose none of them and just enjoy being single until someone does.

    And if all of them do then none of them do, you just want a date right now. There's nothing wrong with that but when you do feel that way about someone else and dump him to go after that person he's going to feel really bad, and you (hopefully) will, too.

    So none. My vote is none. You sound kinda like a spoiled kid at a candy store right now, and extremely immature...

    Sorry if that al sounded mean I just... Just the way you talked about them, like slabs of meat to choose from at the deli, and the way you're handling all this just really upsets me- not in an angry way, just in a sad way- because people deserve better.

    • actually, I have feelings for all of them, but thank you for your opinion. I'm afraid this one will have no effect on my life, because I AM going to choose one. end of discussion.

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    • You know, you kind of sound like my older sister. She moved away. Thanks for actually taking the time to care, and trying to help me. and uhm... Brandon is kind of extra special... I kind of... KISSED him. BTW, I'm actually 12, I just really need help right now, so I'm not that much older than your cousin, actually.

    • Hello?

  • I say go with whomever you feel the closest and most compatible with. You say Satchel has expressed liking you so I say there could be a pretty good shot there. Obviously you would have to get a feel for where his head is at, since you say he hasn't "verbally" said anything about it. Jackson, I don't know, if you like him I say give it a try , you don't know exactly if he likes you, but if you want to put yourself out there a bit and see, I say it's more than a good idea to, especially since practically everyone knows you have a crush on him. And Brandon, I guess I can say the same. I don't think it really has to be a pick and choose situation, I mean if you like a guy, you lie them. Whichever you like the most.

    • Thank you for Ba(:

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    • Ok.

    • Oh, you accuse me of Bias, for the answer that I chose?

  • Satchel or Jackson.

    • Yeah... I'm kinda leaning towards Satchel, to be honest.

    • WAIT I didn't mean jackson, I meant or Brandorn. you don't want a douche bag or a stupid guy, sweet and smart is the way to go!

    • Whew! to be honest, Jackson would be my LAST choice now that I think of it.