Girls, have you ever been lifted by stronger friend (female) and how did you feel?

Girls, have you ever been lifted by stronger friend (female) and how did you feel?


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  • I pick people up all the time, never been picked up by a girl though. When guys pick me up it's nothing special, if anything just an acknowledgement of strength. When I pick guy up they throw a hissy and get all excited since no one expects me to be able to haha.

    • In that respect I would adore you. I want to be picked up so badly, it just doesn't happen...

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  • This is pretty strange, but only because it seems like there's no reason you're asking it..

    I've been lifted by males and females, and it feels the same. Piggy back rides or held in front.

    It didn't make me feel all warm and fuzzy, if that's what you mean by "how did you feel?"

    It's just being picked up..

  • Yes I have, quite a number of times. Nothing very special to it! If anything I would be a bit worried that I might be slightly to heavy and she would hurt herself :O.

  • No,not yet.I'm no one wants to lift me.Its kind of difficult to even get piggy back rides.

  • What kind of question is this?

  • Yeah, I have. It felt normal I guess. Like being picked up. I'm scared of heights so whenever I stood on a bench or a table in high school, someone always felt the need to pick me up just to scare me.

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