I occasionally hear secondhand (from my friends) that one of their guy friends will think I am...

I occasionally hear secondhand (from my friends) that one of their guy friends will think that I am "cute," or something along those lines, but these guys will seldom strike up conversation with me or show any type of interest. I didn't think that guys were that shy, especially if they find a girl "cute." Could it be that they are not interested? I find that people will go after what/who they want. It is frustrating because guys seldom pursue me. I used to be shy, but I am not anymore. I am 23 and I really want to find that special someone. I put myself out there and I don't know what else to do to find a decent guy to date.


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  • Age 23? While your age states that you're under 18 here.

    Well, if you want to find some decent guys to date, you're right when you need to put yourself out there. Hang out a lot with your friends. Plan activities with them and allow them to invite their friends. You can meet some decent guy if you're always going out and be socially active.

    You can also spend your time at some coffee shops/parks alone. Girls at these places are always approach by decent guys.

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      woops I just signed up so that was a mistake. I am 23 though. Regardless, thanks for the advice... but I always go out and I am still single.

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      Come here, I'll be your boyfriend. Kidding. ;)

      Perhaps, you can do something on how you present yourself, how you dress, and how you groom. This are attractive to men because they know in an instant when they see a girl if she's someone they can spend their time with or not.

      Or when a guy approaches you, you may be giving him a cold shoulder, and not hinting any interest though deep inside you want to be with him so badly. Turn things around. Don't let guys be confused on how you really feel.