Think I have a chance with him?

A couple of weeks ago I went out with some coworkers to a local bar. We had a big group, and kind of claimed a corner.

Early in the night we notice an attractive guy walk in. He scans the room, looking for a seat, and then comes over to our zone and asks if he can share with us for a drink with a friend.

We say yes, and he sits down next to me. We (me plus a few other girls) chat with him for a few minutes until his friend arrives.

He starts talking to her, and we get back to our conversations.

He shared our zone for the entire night, but I didn't have another opportunity to talk to him. At the evening he waves goodbye when he left. And I thought...oh well there goes the eye candy. ;)

I was out with a different group, and I suggested we go there, since there is a lot of good eye candy there. (Overall this bar is full of attractive patrons and workers.)

We grab a table, order some drinks and start chatting. Surprise, surprise, T walks in. I smile with recognition and he smiles and waves back. Then he comes over, gives me a hug and makes a bit of small talk. There is a quick round of intros with the group, and then he takes off to the bar to sit alone.

My friends encourage me to go over and chat with him, since he opened the door, and I was going to chicken out.

I went over, there was an empty seat next to him, and asked if I could have a seat. We ended up talking for over an hour. Parted ways and exchanged numbers.

Ordinarily, I would think...oh of course these are all positive signs. But this guy is way out of my league. And I don't even believe in leagues... But he is definitely a few notches (ok a lot of notches) above the typical guy I attract (in terms of looks).

Unfortunately for me, I can converse with anyone, most people like me, whether they are interested or not. So I have troubling determining interest from certain types.

What do you guys think?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Well like you said, the initial vibes are definitely sounding good so I'd say just go with it. Just call/text him to meet for drinks again, let things naturally play out & figure out a way to see if things get more personal/intimate.

    And don't worry about meeting up to some arbitrary standard...self confidence makes a huge difference.

    • Good tips...I'll just be myself and see what happens. It seems like I'll probably run into him again at some point. :)

What Guys Said 9

  • if he gave you his number than he wants to talk to you again. I'm not sure what it will lead to or what his giving you his number meant in his mind but if a person gives you their number then obviously they want you to call them.

    Give him a ring, don't under estimate yourself or under estimate the guy. Perhaps he lives in a world where people always assume that he is otu of their league and he was really really attracted to the girl who had the make conversation with him

  • If he has your number, then wait for him to ring, because if he is into you, he will ring,x

  • Not because everything went out nice , means that you guys will date . Take step by step and study deeply his personality belive me I have seen this before . water reflects a face and words reflects a heart .

  • Give it a try, nothing to lose.

  • Well he gave you his number. So until you ask him out (if he doesn't ask you out) and get rejected you will always be in with a chance.

  • Hiya, Get a grip of yourself. Go ask him out if you fancy him, you'll never know if you don't ask. What's the worst he can say... No!

    There are plenty more fist in the sea.

  • If you ran into him twice at the same place he's probly looking for a iece of ass waiting for the easy girls good ooking girls to go you to him.if you want a f*** buddy go for it if not forget him...i honestly don't think a club is a good place to mret bfs and gfs

    • This place is a lounge/bar. a lot of talking and mingling. No dancing. A bit of an "older" crowd. Late 20s to 50s (and a few that are older)

  • Until he actually shoots you down, there is always a chance.


What Girls Said 3

  • I think you should just go with the flow for now. He definitely has some interest in you since you exchanged numbers with him; however, you can't yet ascertain whether that interest is romantic or not, especially since you only just met. You should treat him like you would treat your other friends for now. If you don't end up dating, at the very least, you'll end up with a hot male friend, which works just as well, in my opinion.

  • You should keep trying. He did give you his number. Just keep hanging out and see what happens. You're lucky you can converse with anyone. I wish I were like that. I was in the same situation, but since I am so shy I never did anything (plus I'm extremely ugly) and I found out he was interested. Except because of my shyness he thought I was pushing him away, even though I wasn't and he lost interest. I've always regretted it. You don't want regrets like me. If I could be outgoing enough, I would have tried.

  • He was on a date... with another girl...

    • Oh the first time at the bar...well he told us it wasn't a date. :) He said friend. But yesterday, he was out alone.

    • I'd say if you have his number, he's interested in you. Has he texted or called you? I feel like peoples personalities are the most important part. Honestly, the guys I date aren't too attractive, at all.. As terrible as this sounds, everyone I know says it, I'm WAY too pretty for them... I go for guys who make me laugh, not guys I can't stop drooling over because their gorgeous.

    • Personality is a given for me. If I didn't like his personality, we wouldn't be having this conversation. It turned out we had some similar values (in quite a few ways), some similar interets, but we didn't explore that too far, and similar life outlook. So matches up pretty well with the usual person I am attracted to personality wise, just in different packaging. He has my number, I have his so it just goes from there.