What should I do in this instance?

my friend recorded me saying I like this guy and she showed him the recoding. I've been avoiding him for like a week and he tried to tell me something last Friday, but I just ran away. Should I confront him?

ps my friend says he likes me.


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  • How long and how far can you run ? according to my calculation you have two options: to run until June. Or talk to him with a big chance that he likes you too and is just trying to tell you.

    Just listen to what he has to say. ^^

    • I am guessing and hoping that the discussion went well ^^, did it ?

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  • 1. You shouldn't have run away in the 1st place, but guess anyone (atleast most) in your place would have done the same.

    2. Next time he's around don't run and don't confront either - watch what he does then let's talk ;)

  • She did you a favor. Now he knows you like him. Go find out if he likes you back.

  • Ah high school, LOL.

    If he's trying to talk to you he probably likes you, it's high school so don't get crazy expectations of it lasting very long.

  • Why are you avoiding him? Honestly, what's the big deal?

    Talk to him! For Pete's sake...

  • It should be obvious to confront him if you like him. Friends wouldn't lie about that, so talk to him. Your friend did you a favor by hooking you up

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  • I knew it would say Under 18 after reading the text.

    • haters gonna hate I guess. :p