Is This Girl Just Freaked Out By Me?

We are not really friends since we have just said hi and bye a few times anf have spoken briefly. SHe's really attractive so when I see her I end up staring at her which probably freaks her out. A good friend of mine who is friends with her told me she takes shy to another level. I was in the library two weeks ago & I saw her.

She was already looking at me and I started staring at her stupidly for a few seconds until she waved. I said hi & asked hows she's doing she said good. I didn't stop to talk cause I was in a rush. Did she just wave because me staring freaked her out and she felt awkward? I'm 21 By the way. My friend said she's really nice to everybody so don't get my hopes up but to go for it.


Most Helpful Girl

  • no, if she's shy then if you freaked her out, she would make an excuse to leave or try to get somewhere that you can't look at her. If she said hi, then definitely try to say hi next time you see her, because that means she probably noticed you were looking at her and that maybe you were too shy to say something. If you say hi next time, it will show that you want to get to know her a bit better. Apologize for having to rush out last time, too. That would probably make a really good impression. I can't say for sure if she likes you, but she definitely doesn't have an aversion to talking to you, so you can't go wrong there. :)


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  • To have someone stare at us doesn't freak us out. Know your limits. Don't come across as a creeper when you stare at her. If you're going to stare, either smile, wave, go up to her, or look away. I'm sure your states flatter her. Sounds like she enjoys your company imo.

  • haha she sounds like she is just being nice :)

  • go for it its not creepy

  • Dude you should ask her out plus starring isn't creepy I think when a guy stares at me it's cute

  • GO...FOR... IT !

  • Not freaked out, if it was me I'd be flattered unless you look really creepy.. which I doubt.

  • I would love it if a guy starred at me like that, no matter how creepy the starring might be. Its a complement. You should got for it.


What Guys Said 1

  • Dude! You had your chance to close the deal and you chickened out! All you have to do is walk up...start a convos...see if she'll talk to you for a min or two..and then ask what her number is! She's either not that shy...or knows you like her, or she wouldn't have waved to ya. Go for it while the doors still open!