Is This Girl Just Freaked Out By Me?

We are not really friends since we have just said hi and bye a few times anf have spoken briefly. SHe's really attractive so when I see her I end up staring at her which probably freaks her out. A good friend of mine who is friends with her told me she takes shy to another level. I was in the... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • no, if she's shy then if you freaked her out, she would make an excuse to leave or try to get somewhere that you can't look at her. If she said hi, then definitely try to say hi next time you see her, because that means she probably noticed you were looking at her and that maybe you were too shy to say something. If you say hi next time, it will show that you want to get to know her a bit better. Apologize for having to rush out last time, too. That would probably make a really good impression. I can't say for sure if she likes you, but she definitely doesn't have an aversion to talking to you, so you can't go wrong there. :)