Why would a guy become friends with a woman he knows likes him?

He knows I like him, and has given me some odd mixed signals. He started the friendship knowing I liked him, so if he claims he doesn't feel the same, then why bother starting it? Wouldn't it have been kinder to just turn down the friendship? He knew it right from the start, said he doesn't feel the same, but then acts weird and maybe jealous(?) about things and he used to say some stuff that sounded flirty. Now it's just lots of arguments because he twists things around and gets upset then. I am hurt, confused, and frustrated..

BTW, we have a mutual friend who he was totally "in love" with in High School and he shot her down too. Why would a guy do that? We are both shy, but I still don't understand. I know from his internet "personality" (I know him in real life. Have since we were little kids and almost had "a minute" as young teenagers till we were caught doing nothing wrong at all.) that he likes the typical guy "stuff" so it's not that he hates women or anything. I don't get it...


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  • It's because he doesn't have interest in you or his mutual friend.

    Also about starting the friendship, he just wants to establish a friendship with you, not for anything more than that.

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      He shot her down and told her later he had been in love with her at the time he did it.

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      Also, wouldn't any guy know that you don't really want to be "friends" with a crush who doesn't feel the same. All it does is hurt..

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      Why would it hurt? The attraction will just wane soon, and friendship is much more important that anythings else. If you'll just see each other as strangers, that would do nothing good, and you will not know each other better.